Researcher's Reflection Space (RRS)

The Researcher’s Reflection Space (RRS) is similar to the process journal in MYP, and is a place for you to record details and comments about your progress. You should also use the RRS to identify challenges and as a discussion point during your meetings with your supervisor. It is recommended that you use the Extended Essay journal on ManageBac for your RRS, although you may decide to use paper/your laptop and then share selected pages.

You should use the RRS to:

· Create MindMaps

· Respond and evaluate source material

· Make links to DP subjects, including TOK and CAS

· Demonstrate planning and progress

· Identify setbacks and challenges

· Record thoughts and feelings

· Record questions you wish to discuss with your supervisor

Pages from your RRS should be included in the appendix to your essay. These pages, along with your RPPF, can help the examiner award marks for Criterion E: Engagement.

Remember to keep track of the journals, articles, books etc. that you use in your research, and what information you obtain from each source - see the Research tab for ideas.

More details about the purpose of the RRS from the IB Extended Essay guide.

Researchers reflection space.pdf

Examples of pages from student RRS taken from the IB Extended Essay website.

IB RRS.pdf