Research support

The school librarian can help you with the following:

  • Help in locating research material e.g. journals, books, Internet sources.
  • Help with citing and referencing.
  • Help in recording references and creating a works cited page.

Remember to keep an ongoing list of your references by using a website like,, GoogleKeep or - do not wait until you have completed your essay to begin making a list of the references you have used.

Below are a variety of resources to help you with your research.

Before beginning any research or fieldwork, ensure you meet the IB ethical guidelines.

Ethical guidelines for EE research and fieldwork.pdf

Evaluate your source material using the CRAAP test from California State University:

  • Currency
  • Relevance
  • Authority
  • Accuracy
  • Purpose
CRAAP test for sources.pdf

Keep detailed notes on specific texts/websites using the Cornell note-taking template.

cornellnotetaker template.pdf

Use this note-taking table to keep track of information from various sources.

note-taking table.docx

A helpful video on how to use Diigo for tracking and annotating online material.


A helpful video on how to use GoogleKeep for tracking and annotating online material.

Google Keep and Explore tool @ISHR.mp4

Navigate the world of research using this great resource from Utica Academy of International Studies (UAIS).