Reflections on Planning and Progress Form (RPPF)

During the Extended Essay process, you must have 3 formal reflection meetings with your supervisor. Each reflection session is an opportunity for you to discuss your engagement with the essay process through your Researcher’s Reflection Space. Each meeting should last between 20-30 minutes and you should record a summary of each of these meetings on the Reflections on Planning and Progress form (RPPF) on ManageBac. Your comments will be used by the examiner to award a grade for Criterion E: Engagement.

There is a limit of 500 words, in total, for the three comments – aim for around 150 words for the first reflection, 150 words for the interim reflection and 200 words for the final reflection.

The reflections must be completed in the language of the essay.

The rubric used by the examiner to assess your reflections.

RPPF criteria.doc

Examples of questions you may choose to respond to when completing your written reflections.

Ideas to include in the RPPF .docx

You can find examples of different quality RPPFs below:

Economics RPPF - 2 marks.pdf

Economics 2 marks

Psychology RPPF - 3 marks.pdf

Psychology 3 marks

LAN-LIT RPPF - 4 marks.pdf

Lang-Lit 4 marks

Physics RPPF - 5 marks.pdf

Physics 5 marks

World Studies RPPF - 5 marks.pdf

World Studies 5 marks

Geography RPPF - 6 marks.pdf

Geography 6 marks

World Studies RPPF - 6 marks.pdf

World Studies 6 marks