Academic Integrity

An Extended Essay must demonstrate academic integrity. Remember that your Extended Essay must not duplicate any work that you are submitting for your Diploma subjects. You also need to acknowledge your sources for any quotations, ideas, images and points of view using accurate citations and references. See the ISHR citing and referencing handbook below or this dedicated ISHR site for support. You can also ask your supervisor and the school librarian for help if you are unsure.

Citations are shorthand references within the text e.g. (Smith)

References are a way of allowing the reader to find the information source e.g. Farrell, Finbar. Extended Essay: IB Diploma programme. Cardiff: International Baccalaureate, 2010. Print

A Works Cited page is a section at the back of the essay where a complete list of references, listed alphabetically, can be found

You are advised to use the MLA 8 referencing style and a website like or to keep track of the source you use. The Works Cited page should list only those sources cited in the text.

At the point the essay is complete you will also submit a version to Turnitin is a website that checks your work for potential plagiarism by comparing phrases against a large database and the work of other students.

At the end of the process your supervisor must also sign a declaration stating the work is yours. For this reason, it is important that you meet regularly so they can monitor your progress. Failing to meet regularly may result in your supervisor being unable to sign the declaration.

Finally, remember that you cannot use the Extended Essay or a version of the Extended Essay for another subject.

ISHR citing and referencing handbook with an overview of how to cite and reference in MLA 8 using

For more detailed information about citing and referencing in different styles, visit the excellent Online Writing Lab at Purdue University.

Citing and Referencing handbook.pdf

Additional details about citing and referencing Googlemaps and GoogleEarth.

Citing Google Earth.docx

Additional details about IB expectations in relation to citing and referencing.

IB document Citing and Referencing.pdf

Examples of plagarism and academic misconduct shared by the IB.

Plagarism example Biology.pdf
Plagarism example TOK.pdf