What counts as CAS?

Ask yourself does the experience meet the 4 criteria of:

· Real, purposeful activities with significant outcomes

· Personal challenge – tasks should extend the student and be achievable

· Thoughtful consideration such as planning, reviewing and reporting

· Reflection on outcomes and personal learning

Also ask yourself if the experience addresses any of the 7 learning outcomes

Check out this helpful resource from IB Review

Can it be CAS poster.pdf

The following do not count towards CAS:

    • Any class, activity or project which is already part of the Diploma Programme
    • Any work or experience where you are personally rewarded, financially or otherwise
    • Simple, tedious, repetitive work e.g. photocopying or handing out flyers
    • Religious worship or family duties
    • Any experience which is divisive, this could be political or religious
    • A passive pursuit, e.g. visiting a museum, theatre, exhibition or concert, or when simply shadowing someone in a work environment
    • Working in an old people’s or children’s home when you;

Have no idea of how the home operates

Are just making sandwiches

Have no contact at all with the old people or children

Actually do no service for other people

    • Fund-raising with no clearly defined end in sight
    • Translation work
    • Unplanned sport