Service: Collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to an authentic need. Service experiences can take different forms:

Direct service involves interaction with the person in need e.g. Sports coaching.

Indirect service does not involve direct contact with the person in need e.g. fundraising.

Advocacy involves speaking on behalf of cause to promote awareness e.g. Amnesty International

Research involves collecting information and reporting to try and influence a practice e.g. social research into homelessness.

· Yearbook Team

· School garden


· South Sudan Club

· Amnesty International

· Old people’s home

· Uganda Club

· Local opportunities:

· Because I am a Girl

· Student Council

· Summer Splash

· Helping at Graduation

· Toy/Bike repairs

· First Aid Course

· Sports coaching

Check out this list of regularly updated CAS experiences at ISHR.

More ideas for Service experiences from the IB


Direct Service


Indirect Service


Advocacy Service


Research Service