Reflecting is one of the key stages of CAS. Through reflecting you are able to evaluate your progress to your chosen goals and learning outcomes. You will also be able identify what you have learnt from particular activities and become better able to apply this learning to other situations. Reflecting also allows you to identify how you can overcome challenges to achieve specific goals.

Your reflections should not simply be diary entries recording what you did during an experience. They should be thoughtful considerations about what you and others gained during the experience, what challenges you faced and how you overcame these obstacles.

To help guide your writing, it is recommended that you focus your reflections on specific learning outcomes. Try responding to one or more of the questions below when writing your reflections.

Learning outcome reflection prompts.pdf

Below are some example reflections:

Creativity (Piano):

During the last weeks, I have shown perseverance and commitment to finish learning the song "Time" by Hans Zimmer. I manage to play it from beginning to end now. I developed new skills while improving my playing with two hands. I am working hard and undertake new challenges together with my Piano teacher to manage to play quite challenging pieces. I am showing perseverance and commitment by practicing to play the Piano on my own every day.

Activity (Soccer):

I have been going regularly to soccer practice and I think I have been improving since the start of the year. Since the beginning of the year I have learned to control the ball better and to pass more to other players in a game. This experience means a lot to me because ever since I was a small child I played soccer everyday with my brother in the garden and I always have fun when I'm playing soccer. It also helps me forget stress and problems that I might have at school or at home. From this experience I learned that Teamwork and communication is essential for this sport. I also learned that a sport like soccer can bring people together and build new friendships. By the end of this year I want to have improved my ball controlling, my Dribbling skills and shooting skills.

Service (Uganda Club):

It feels good to know that I am able to make a difference in someone's life even it is only a small contribution from my side. By knowing how many students we can put into school for a year, I am more motivated and inspired to work hard to make sure that we can raise the same amount of money for next year to support these students.