CAS expectations

    • Students must write a detailed description of a new CAS experience on ManageBac including the following information:

A specific goal

How often the activity will take place

Your role in the activity

    • Have a formal meeting with the CAS Coordinator, or their CAS Adviser, at the beginning and end of Grade 11 and at the end of Grade 12.
    • Complete at least one collaborative CAS project that lasts for a minimum of one month (approximately 15 hours). The CAS Project must involve you either initiating a new project, or initiating a new aspect of an existing project. This project should take place in grade 11.
    • There should be a reasonable balance between Creativity, Activity and Service.
    • Take part in in some CAS activities that they have initiated themselves.
    • Your CAS programme begins the first day 11th grade. You should also use approved summer activities between 11th and 12th grades.
    • Through ManageBac, keep records of their activities and achievements by uploading evidence and supervisor reviews at the end of an activity.
    • Complete formal reflections to show evidence of achievement of the seven CAS learning outcomes and the CAS Project as well as meeting the expectations for each reporting cycle (see below).
CAS progress expectations.pdf