CAS Advisor support

CAS Advisors

  • Offer suggestions about possible CAS experiences
  • Help students to identify personal and social goals
  • Develop students’ powers of reflection through group discussion and individual consultation
  • Support students in their consideration of ethical concerns
  • Read and respond to reflections
  • Help students to make connections, for example, CAS experience to subject learning, local experience to global concerns
  • Conduct three formal interviews
  • Write a written comment for the semester report based on the minimum expectations for CAS

A brief guide to CAS from the IB

0 - Brief guide to CAS.pdf

A helpful guide from IB Review that will help to answer a regular question from DP students - 'Can I do .......... for CAS?" Suggestions about experiences for each strand of CAS can be also found in the individual pages for Creativity, Activity and Service.

Can it be CAS poster.pdf

CAS Advisors need to complete three formal interviews with DP students - at the start and end of grade 11, and at the end of grade 12. The initial reflection can form the basis of the first interview, the second interview will involve a discussion of the student portfolio, and the student's final reflection should be the focus of the final interview. A brief note should be added to MB to show that each interview has taken place.


First interview

Guiding questions from the IB


Second interview

Guiding questions from the IB


Third interview

Guiding questions from the IB

The minimum expectations for students in each semester are detailed below:

Example report comments

X, our final CAS meeting was a really positive and interesting one, where you discussed how naturally and easily you had found the whole process around CAS. You have modelled exactly how CAS should be undertaken, by balancing time, keeping on top of documentation and, most importantly, finding the things that you are passionate about. I was really interested in hearing you talk about your tendency to do things alone and that the experiences you have had have served to take you out of your comfort zone but in a very positive way. You have become a coach, mentor and teacher through CAS and I have been greatly impressed by the passion you have shown as a sailing instructor; your observation that "you learn when you are teaching" was a very astute one. You were slightly self-critical about the fact that your service-based activities were perhaps not as "global" as those of your peers, but please remember that you have made significant contributions to the lives of your friends, neighbours and local community: of this, you should be very proud. It has been wonderful to see your growing self-confidence and sociable nature, and to see that all of your diligence and hardworking has paid off.

Y, it was wonderful experience to conduct your final CAS interview at what is the end of a 15-year career at ISHR; it was touching to hear that, because of the strength of your friendships, you have never wanted to be anywhere else. This is an important fact because I believe that your CAS portfolio, aside from illustrating your passion for sports, shows what a kind, strong and fierce friend you are. It was a privilege to be your football coach and to witness the brilliance you demonstrated as an athlete but, more so, as a quiet, unassuming leader who set a standard for all others to aspire to. The mature young man you have become was exhibited through your sense of fairness during the tournament, but it is clear that this is also your approach to life and this, I feel, will stand you in great stead to succeed in future life. You are, by nature, a humble and modest person but I feel that your ability to be a coach, tutor or mentor are qualities that you also possess and which have evolved through your time at ISHR and, particularly, the last two years of the Diploma Programme. It has been a pleasure to be your homeroom tutor and I wish you all the very best for the May exams and all that lies ahead.

CAS progress expectations.pdf

Z, in your final CAS interview you really showed your passion for and engagement with the whole Diploma Programme and, in particular, the philosophy of CAS as a means of developing one’s personality, helping with time-management and cultivating more independence. It is clear that transferring from the local education system into the International Baccalaureate has been an extremely positive experience for you and that there have been some fantastic and potentially life-changing moments that have come about through CAS. The ‘Rock am Ring’ project was clearly an amazing one for you and has helped to guide you as to what you really want to become – a journalist. The fact that you set yourself a goal and successfully achieved it was important for you in pursuing your dreams and aspirations, and it was wonderful to hear you reflect that “I’ll be judged by what I didn’t do”. This philosophy is a fantastic one and I believe that it will stand you in great stead to succeed in the future. You also reflected openly on failures and frustrations, such as your role in the yearbook team not working out, but you were extremely thoughtful in considering how you have also learnt through failing and, in doing so, how you have truly come to know yourself.