AYSO Region 213

AYSO's vision is to provide world class youth soccer programs that enrich children's lives.  Region 213 needs your generous support and effort to make that happen - to make sure every child - including your child - enjoys the best youth sports experience available in Irvine.
AYSO is a volunteer organization from the national level all the way down to the region, and even the teams are made possible by the volunteers that help out.  There are many ways you can help the region.  Some involve working directly with the players, in a soccer environment.  Others involve as little as 15 minutes a week, and don't require any soccer experience at all.
Some roles of Volunteers within our region:
We need help in many roles, but we really need coach and referee.  These tasks are very rewarding, and every team needs them.  Therefore, please consider helping out in these roles.
We also need volunteers to help organize players and events.  Division Commissioners help to form teams for their assigned age division, and help communicate between the region and the coaches.  There are Tournament Coordinators needed, as well as season commissioners for Spring, All Stars, etc.
There are board positions that need filled.  And even those that have someone in the spot may need an assistant, or someone to be trained as an eventual replacement.  Such board positions are a great way to get involved and learn more about AYSO.
Community involvement is very useful in such roles as school or church liaison, and you can deal with the people you already associate with, very convenient.  And there are media and newsletter positions as well.
Whatever your interest or talent level, there is a perfect way for you to help out.  Talk to our Volunteer Coordinator to find out more.
Volunteer Registration:
Visit the Registration Page for instructions on how to complete your Volunteer Application in eAYSO.  The Volunteer Application has spots on it for Referee and Coach, as well as a spot to specify your child's name and age/division if you will be their coach.  For most other tasks, there isn't a clear way to indicate your preference.  We have made a list of many of the positions we need.  Take a look at the Task List to help you with decision, as well as finding the code for each of the tasks.  This code gets written next to the 'other' section of your Volunteer Application.
Volunteer Positions:
Here is a list of some of the more common and needed volunteer tasks.  Each one has a code which gets written on the Volunteer Application.  Remember, this just expresses that you have an interest in the task.  It is the job of the Volunteer Coordinator and Regional Board to actually do the volunteer assignments.
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