AYSO Region 213
Player Registration
eAYSO walk-through
Using eAYSO is very easy, and the prompts on every screen help you along.  Nevertheless, you may find the instructions and screen images below useful. 
The instructions guide you through the Player Registration process.  On the left you will find tips and hints for each screen.  On the right you'll find screen images.  You can click on the screen image to see it larger. 
Follow these few steps below, and you'll be well on your way to continuing a great time on the soccer field.  Some information has been blocked for privacy purposes.
Log in to eAYSO
For more information about eAYSO, including support issues such as logging on, visit our eAYSO page.


Welcome Screen
From the Welcome screen, you will pick one of the following:
If your child has played before, they should already be in eAYSO.  You will pick "Application for a returning player."
If your child is new to AYSO, you will pick Application for a new player.
*If you expect "returning player" to be an option, but it is not available, it is likely because you are currently (or still) registered for the existing membership year.  You can email the registrar regarding these exceptions.

Choose a Region
The next part is to choose a region.  If registering for Region 213 (our region), you can select our region from the first (returning to 213) or second (specify a region) option.
Parent Information
Complete the Parent Information section next. 
If you are registering for a returning player, or you are registering for a new player but have other children already in the system, the information may already be filled in.  Take a moment to review and update information as needed.
Player Information
Complete the Player Information section.

If the player has played before, their information should be already filled in.  Please review the information and update as needed.

There is a section on this page for family email.  This is the email your coach and commissioner will probably use to contact you.  Use a good email for this.

There is a spot to enter the school.  This is more important for U5-U8 players to help with team placement.

There is a section on this page for siblings.  This is where you can enter any special requests you have.  Visit the Buddy Request page for more detailed instructions.

Review the Agreement and click Next to move on to the next step.
Region Information
The region provides some basic instructions in this Region Information screen.
Parent Jobs
You will be asked to indicate some Parent Jobs.  If you plan to coach or referee, this helps match up your volunteer choice with the player.  But this screen is for indication only, and does not replace your Volunteer Application. The Volunteer Application is more important.


PRF Review
As the blue text at the top of the screen indicates, this is the screen for you to e-sign.  Scroll halfway down, there is a spot for you to type your name and click the checkbox.  This must be done!

Do not print your form from this screen.  At this point, the information has not yet been transmitted to the region.

You must click Continue to proceed.

PRF Submit
This is your review screen.  Again, this looks like your player form.  Do not print from this screen.  At the bottom of this screen you have the option to Submit.  Your Player Application is not complete until you click on Submit.

You will have the option to print from the following screen.  Upon clicking Submit, your Player Application portion is finished.