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What is the Hugo Bustamante AYSO Playership Fund?

The Hugo Bustamante AYSO Playership Fund was created to honor Coach Hugo Bustamante and his AYSO team’s belief that EVERY child should get the chance to play AYSO soccer. It is a national fund that will make AYSO ‘playerships’ – sometimes known as scholarships – available to children across America.

Learn more about the inspiring story of the Cypress Cyclones team and Coach Hugo Bustamante.

Hugo Bustamante was an AYSO assistant coach who had a passion for helping children play soccer. He helped coach a U-10 girls team, the Cypress Cyclones, which chose to raise money so that the team that beat them in a regional championship could afford to go to the state event, rather than go themselves.

This team and their coaches believed in the value of good sportsmanship and did not want to advance, just because the opposing team could not afford to travel. In helping his team organize and execute this fundraising effort, he clearly demonstrated the values of compassion and selflessness.

Just three weeks after helping lead his young team in this effort, Coach Bustamante was tragically killed.

How does the Hugo Bustamante AYSO Playership program work?

This is not a fundraiser where you will be selling items but rather selling the philosophy of AYSO and the Hugo Bustamante AYSO Playership Fund using online fundraising software. It’s an opportunity to have your family and friends not only support your AYSO Region, but help children around the nation have the AYSO experience as well.

The AYSO Six Philosophies make sure that every AYSO player has the opportunity to play and to learn the lessons that sports can provide.

  • Everyone Plays
  • Balanced Teams
  • Open Registration
  • Positive Coaching
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Player Development
Here’s a wonderful way to honor these philosophies and help ensure that no child misses the AYSO experience because they can't afford to play.

Where does the money go?

Each Region will keep 65% of all money raised. The balance will go specifically to pay for registration and a uniform for children to play AYSO soccer. The Hugo Bustamante Playership Fund will be administered by AYSO and be used exclusively for playerships. As you know, playing AYSO soccer is a life experience every child should enjoy!

How to apply for an AYSO Region 213 scholarship using the Hugo Bustamante Playership application

AYSO Region 213 has decided to fund its own scholarships. Therefore, 100% of all funds you contribute to the Hugo Bustamante Playership fund goes to benefit players throughout AYSO.

AYSO Region 213 does offer partial and full scholarships in addition to payment-over-time options for players to play AYSO soccer. Complete the Hugo Bustamante Playership application and submit it to the Regional Commissioner (email rc@AYSOsoccer.org for submission instructions and options). The Hugo Bustamante Playership application and instructions are available here: