What is eAYSO?

eAYSO is the database system that is used by AYSO, nationally, found at www.eayso.org. This allows you to use the information already entered from previous seasons, updating only what is necessary.

Why use eAYSO?

It helps AYSO, and your local region, to register both players and volunteers. It helps with team setup and notification, and even sets up a Shutterfly site for each team.

Is it tough to use?

An eAYSO account is easy to make, needing only an email and a phone number. And an eAYSO account can hold any number of player records or volunteer records. Basically, the whole family can all be in one eAYSO account, making it very easy to register each year. And the interface is very user-friendly. Every screen has easy to understand prompts, and if there are any problems, the error messages are usually very clear.

What's in the eAYSO system?

Each player should have one eAYSO record. This record will move with you from region to region, year to year, even if you move to another state. You should not have to make new eAYSO records for players.

Each volunteer should have one eAYSO record. As with players, the record keeps track of your history, of your certifications, classes you've taken, positions you've held, and moves with you from one region to the next.

What if I have problems with eAYSO?

If you should have problems accessing your account or need a player record moved from one account to another, or your player isn't on your eAYSO account, the best place to go is the eAYSO help desk, at 1-866-588-AYSO.

If you forgot your user-id or password, you can click the link to recover them. Also, the help desk (at the above number) can assist with this problem. You can also email the Registrar, who can help with log-in issues.