AYSO Region 213
Buddy Requests
At the younger ages, U5 and U6, we try to build teams based on school and neighborhood.  It helps if you list the school you will be attending in the upcoming year.  Forming teams this way helps the players to get out on the field and have fun, learn some new skills, and make friends.  This is often easier if you know one or two people on the team.
At U7 and U8, we also focus on schools, neighborhoods.  We start to look at how the players are doing, beginning to lead into balanced teams.  This encourages sportsmanship and teamwork, and many friendships grow among these teams.
To request a classmate, a team mate from previous seasons, a specific coach, etc., the request can be entered in the Player Information section, in the section called Sibling Request. (See image.) Log in to eAYSO, and update/edit your player application. Continue until you get to the Player Information screen.
Start your request with the code of 1p, for Fall requests. For example, you could type 1p Mike Lee, Danny Birch, or anyone from Northwood.
Push Next (bottom of screen) and keep hitting Next or Continue until you can SUBMIT. It won’t save it until you click SUBMIT. And you are finished! If you turned in the signed form to us at registration, you don’t need to print this again.
Please note:  These are your buddy requests.  They are not requirements.  Our commissioners try hard to honor most requests, but sometimes there are requests that cannot be accommodated.  Thank you for understanding.
Beginning at U9 and 10, we strive for balanced teams. As one of AYSO's core philosophies, "Each year we form new teams as evenly balanced as possible because it’s more fun and a better learning experience when teams of similar ability play. It allows for each player to gain the experience of a wide variety of teammates of different skill levels." By the first or second day of playing, the children have a whole new batch of friends. And it's also fun for them to be teammates with former opponents, and to have a chance to play against former teammates.