AYSO Region 213
MY2012 Fall Season
Registration Instructions

One of AYSO's core philosophies is Open Registration. This in part means that a player can play in whichever region they want*.
Generally, players register in the region that has convenient fields for both practice and play.  Region 213 is also referred to as North Irvine.
Please refer to the field map to get an idea of where Region 213 tends to practice and play. If you feel you might live a little too far away, you can look at some of the neighboring regions. It is a great idea to look at the websites for the region you are considering, and find a link to their list of fields, as this is the best way to find out their general coverage area.
Our closest neighbors are Region 96 in Tustin, and Region 144 in South Irvine. 
We are part of AYSO Area Q, which is part of AYSO Section 11.
*Note: The AYSO Year starts August 1st, and usually begins with a Fall season.  If you wish to change regions, it's best done when registering for Fall. You can see the FAQ for additional information.