AYSO Region 213
Flex EXTRA Coaches, Fall 2012
These are the coaches for the Region 213 Fall 2012 Flex Extra Program. All coaches apply for this position are are required to meet certain certification requirements as well as have an excellent background in coaching skills as well as sportsmanship and character for the players.

If you have any questions please contact the Flex Extra Administrator, Oleg Chaikovsky, at aysoleg@cox.net
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BU9 Darren Yonimura darinyonemura@yahoo.com 
BU10 Dan Cowles cowles@cox.net 
BU11 Bud O'Neill Bud.ONeill@disney.com 
BU12 Dan Hebert dahebert@cox.net 
BU13 Steve Albin stevealbin@hotmail.com 
BU14 Troy Iversen troy.iversen@att.net 
GU9 Jennifer Nadal jlnadal@yahoo.com 
GU11 Sandy Cowles  sandy_cowles@cox.net 
GU12 Brian Foster ayso.foster@gmail.com 
GU13 Scott Paladichuk paladichuk@cox.net 
GU14 Raymond Sun sunayso@yahoo.com 
GU10 Dardy Chen dardychen@yahoo.com 
GU9 Lauren Hess soccer14@cox.net 
BU9 Janis Cilderman jcilderman@att.net 
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