AYSO Region 213
MY2012 Fall Season
Flex Extra Registration Instructions
Players and coaches in the Flex EXTRA program are slightly different, in that generally the team is already formed. However, the players and coaches still need to be registered properly.
Registration information below is split into three sections.  Please read the appropriate sections that might pertain to you.  They are:
  • Player Registration for Flex EXTRA players
  • Volunteer Registration (all volunteers, including those in the Flex EXTRA program)
  • Coach information, regarding collecting and turning in paperwork for your team.
Player Registration - Flex EXTRA players are AYSO players, and need to be registered. 
  • Use the eAYSO system to complete the Player Registration Form. 
  • Indicate the team your child will play on in the 'siblings' field in eAYSO (in the Player Info section.)  Write as 1E {division} {Coach's last name.}  For example, if playing on Coach Foster's G12 Flex EXTRA team, you would enter 1E GU12 Foster in the siblings field.
  • After you complete the Player Registration Form, print out one copy and submit to your coach or team manager with payment of $160.
  • Aside from those few differences, please follow the standard Fall Registration instructions.
Volunteers in the Flex EXTRA program need to complete the Volunteer Application. 
  • During the eAYSO application, you can pick the appropriate volunteer task if it's available, such as coach or assistant coach. 
  • If it is not listed, you can hand-write it on your volunteer form. 
  • Every volunteer must submit the Volunteer Application. 
    • Returning volunteers may submit this to the team manager or coach to be turned in with Player Applications. 
    • New volunteers should turn in their Volunteer Application at any Registration Day Event, and bring a government issued photo ID, such as a driver's license.
  • Aside from the few difference, please follow the Fall Registration instructions.
Coaches, please follow a few guidelines for an easier registration of your team.
  • Submit your expected roster to the Registrar.  This will help verify when players are submitted during Registration Day Events instead of through you.  It will also help identify which forms might be missing.
  • You can collect your registration forms and checks, verify that each one has your name in the Siblings (buddy request) section.  If a player's form is two pages, staple. If it is double-sided, that's even better.
  • Bundle them together.  If there is a copy of a birth certificate or passport, include in bundle, but do not staple to the registration form.  Use a folder, big envelope, binder clip, big paperclip, all are fine.  (Returning) volunteer applications can be collected, and placed at the end of the bundle.
  • Turn in at Registration Day Event. 
  • Remind parents that all volunteers need to follow the instructions above, in the Volunteer section.  This includes coach, assistant coach, referee, team manager, team parent.  Do not include their volunteer forms in with the same bundle as the player registration forms.
Questions regarding Flex EXTRA Player Registration or Volunteer Registration can be sent to the coach, or to the Flex EXTRA Administrator, or to the Registrar.

Registration Day Events

Saturday, April 21
Sports Authority
Saturday, May 12
Sports Authority
(Coaches Event)
Tuesday, May 22
6:00 - 8:00
Sports Authority
Saturday, June 9
Sports Authority
Sunday, July 22
Sports Authority