AYSO Region 213
MY2012 Fall Season


There are several ways to get registered for soccer with us at Region 213. The most common is Open Registration events.  We also have Priority Registration for certain volunteer positions, and for those not able to make it into a registration event, we have Waitlist registration.

Open Registration events
We have scheduled 3 Saturdays and a Sunday for our in-person registration events. These events are good because you can meet with some of the people who organize Region 213, you can ask questions, get a better understanding of the soccer experience you will be sharing with your child, and learn what you can expect for the season.  While it's useful to have all of your paperwork in advance, we have computers set up at Open Registration to help get you registered.

The fees for Open Registration are discounted to $110. This applies to the first two players in a household, and is for in-person registration at one of our Open Registration Events. For households that have more than 2 players, there is an additional discount. The third, fourth, or fifth player in a household are discounted down to only $50.

Click for Registration Instructions.  The dates and location for Open Registration are:
April 21
Sports Authority
May 12
Sports Authority
June 9
Sports Authority
July 22
Sports Authority

Priority Registration events
We have a Coaches Only event, a chance for coaches to come in and submit their volunteer paperwork together with their player's registration form.  This is just one way we can say thanks to the coaches that are volunteering their time for our children.  It's also a nice chance for coaches to meet other coaches, whether similar or different experience level, and share some tips or gather some ideas for the season.

The fees for Priority Registration are the same as those for Open Registration. The registration process and requirements are the same, as well.

The date and location for Priority Registration is:
(Coaches Only*)
Tuesday, May 22
Sports Authority
For questions about coaching, email the Regional Coach Administrator.
For questions about registration, email the Registrar.

Waitlist Registration
Sunday, July 22nd, is the last scheduled Open Registration Day for region 213. Teams are then formed based on registered players. We try to schedule so that most people have an opportunity to come in to register. We scheduled 3 Saturdays, one Tuesday evening, and one Sunday. We encourage this through email notices as well as an extended early-bird discount. However, we understand that not everyone can make it during these days.

For those people not able to show up to our Open Registration events, we have Wait-List registration. Wait-List registrations revert back to the regular fee $125 per player, and are done by postal mail. This puts you on a waitlist, based on the player’s age and division. Priority is determined by date received.* The waitlist will go through two stages.

First, teams that are not yet full will have spots filled from the waitlist. If we have 10 teams, and 6 of them have a spot free, 6 people will make it from the waitlist onto those teams. If we have enough pplayers to create even more teams then we will add to the total number of teams.  This is heavily based on how many coaches we can find. Also, if you are willing to coach, and if we have enough players for a team needing a coach, you will be given priority.

Once teams are full, there is still a chance to get placed. We will keep you on the waitlist until 2 weeks into the season. If someone quits, is injured, moves, or for some other reason is not able to participate, that will open up a spot on a team, and we will fill that from the waitlist.

We encourage everyone to try and make it to one of our open registration events, but if you cannot make it, send in your registration packet for the waitlist. Registration instructions are the same.

You will need to send:
1 copy of your Player Registration Form from eAYSO.
1 copy of your Volunteer Application from eAYSO.
Payment of $125, made out to AYSO Region 213. We will not deposit unless player is put on a team.  Each player needs a separate check.  Put the player's name in the memo section of the check.

Send to:
AYSO Region 213
Attn: Waitlist Registration
14252 Culver Dr. Ste. A
Box 206
Irvine CA 92604-0326

*If paperwork is received prior to July 22nd, then July 22nd is recorded as date received.
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