AYSO Region 213
Injury Process

The game of soccer involves a lot of movement and contact among its participants - and at times players may be injured and require medical attention. The Safe Haven program ensures that coaches are prepared to assist players with minor injuries. However, should a player be injured in such a way that they need to stop their participation, and possibly be taken for evaluation or to an emergency room, then the following should be taken care of.
Note - this is only for instances where a player is injured during an AYSO activity (like a practice or a game).
1. Coach Fills out an Injury Report -
The coach should write an email with the information listed below and send it to rc@aysosoccer.org:
- name of coach
- division the player plays in
- full name of player
- full name of parent
- contact information for coach
- contact information for player's family
- date and time of incident
- designation of whether this was practice or game
- a description of what happened leading up to accident. , including trips to hospital (note, this will be a repeat of what they said below)
- what is the outcome of the events after the accident - resulting diagnosis, any administered care, etc.
- expectation for how long the player will be out
2. Return to activity
Should a player have to miss practices or games due to the injury then the player and parents must provide a doctor's signed release form to the coach allowing them to participate in full and without restrictions. The coach should make a copy of this release and submit to his commissioner.
Please note that rules governing casts, braces, etc., must be followed even though it may appear that a player can "return".
3.Supplemental Insurance
Notify the parents that, should they need it, AYSO offers supplemental Accident Insurance. This is offered through the AYSO National Office.