AYSO Region 213
Under-14 Division

Practices and Season Format

Coaches can have up to two 1-hour practices per week.

Both U-14 divisions will play Inter-Regional games with Region 144 (South Irvine).

Scores are reported and standings are kept (by each Region for its teams). The two top teams continue after the Fall Season into Area 11Q post-season play.

Assuming the number of teams (indicated in parentheses) remains the same, the season will be formatted as closely as possible to the following formats:

B-14 (4 teams)

Regular Season: At this point in time, Region 213 has 4 B-14 teams and Region 144 has indicated they have 6 B-14 teams. The current proposal has 9 weeks of games between the Regions and 2 weeks for the Regions to conduct their own games. If so, then every Region 213 team will play the other Region 213 teams at least once. If it remains this way, then the standings for Region 213 teams will be based on games played exclusively against other Region 213 teams.

Playoffs: Semi-final games will be played on November 10 based on the following standings at the end of the Regular Season: 1st will play 4th in Semi-final game 1 and 2nd will play 3rd in Semi-final game 2. The winners of the Semi-final games will play in the Final in the afternoon of November 17.

G-14 (2 teams)

Regular Season: At this point in time, Region 213 has 2 G-14 teams and Region 144 has indicated they have 3 G-14 teams. The current proposal is to schedule 10 weeks of games between the teams (play every team twice with 2 bye weeks).

Playoffs: The standings for G-14 will be determined by the results of any and all games solely between the two Region 213 teams. A Final will be played to determine the winner if the two teams are tied at the end of the Regular Season.

Game setup and Guidelines

The following guidelines include the only elements of the Laws of the Game that apply to the AYSO Short Sided Game Program for U-14:


Substitutions are approximately halfway through each half, at halftime and for injuries. Each player will play a minimum of half of the game and no player can play the entire game until everyone has played three fourths of the game.

Duration of Game:

Two thirty-five (35) minute halves with a one (1) minute substitution break at a normal stoppage in play approximately halfway through each half. The referee does not stop their watch for substitution breaks. Substitution breaks halfway through each half are to conduct substitutions only - they are not a time for coaches to give instructions. The Referee may add additional time to ensure players receive thirty-five (35) minutes of playing time. However, games must start on time and referees might have to shorten playing time to put a schedule back on track. The halftime break is 5 -10 minutes.

Referee, assistant referees and Club Linesmen:

The referee and assistant referees should be a certified Intermediate Referee or above. In the absence of a referee with an Intermediate Referee certification is not available, then a referee with a Basic Referee certification - and with the permission of the Regional Referee Administrator - may referee the match.

If qualified assistant referees are not available, Club Linesmen (untrained volunteers who may be affiliated with one of the teams/clubs) may be recruited from the spectators to assist the referee with calling the ball in and out of play only. This is an opportunity for parents to get involved.