Convenient Team Placement
Can my child be placed on a team with a convenient practice schedule? Or, what do I do if my child is placed on a team whose practice schedule is not convenient?

We always receive a few questions from parents about:

  • How do I get my child placed on a team with a specific practice schedule (during registration)? Or
  • What do I do if my child is placed on a team and I find out the practice schedule is not convenient for them?

The problem with answering these questions is the detail required to explain how teams are formed and how practice assignments are made. Therefore, we put this web page together to go through some of these details to help people understand why these are not easy questions to answer.

Practice Assignments Process

Let's start by explaining how practice assignments are made.
  • Assigning practice slots cannot begin until the city of Irvine releases their field allocations to the Region. The city does an excellent job of dividing up the available fields between the various organizations who are interested in using the city and neighborhood parks in addition to Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) school fields. The allocations are released the last week in July.
  • Once we have the field allocations, practice assignments are first assigned to the EXTRA and U16/U19 teams since they need lit field space. Next, if weeknight games are to be scheduled, then there a placeholders created on the lit fields (for the games). This is followed by identifying and working with coaches who have 2 or more teams -- these coaches receive special attention to ensure practices are sequential. Lastly, the remaining available space is allocated to each division and the division commissioners work with the coaches to assign them practice slots.
  • Keep in mind that one of the problems with the practice slots is the fact that the city and IUSD might open the fields for use at different times. For example, several of the fields are not available for use until August 26 and others won't be available until September 3 for the 2012 Fall Season. Therefore, some coaches might receive temporary assignments until their regular practice slot becomes available.
  • Another issue to keep in mind is the daylight savings change -- many of the non-lit fields use must start earlier because it gets dark sooner.
In conclusion, the practice assignments are not assigned to coaches until:
  • All of the coaches have been identified,
  • Fields are allocated to the Region, and
  • The coaches are assigned their practice slots

Requesting placement on a team with a specific practice slot

The next problem has to do with explaining the Team Formation process. We actually describe this in detail here: CLICK HERE.

The simple, abbreviated answer is: we cannot place you on teams with specific practice assignments because the team is formed BEFORE the practice slots are assigned to the coach/team.

What do I do if my child is on a team and cannot attend practices?

We know kids in Irvine have a lot of other commitments and activities. And, we also know you want your child to enjoy the entire AYSO soccer experience along with these other activities. Yet, we also have an obligation to make sure whatever we do is fair for everyone involved.

As you can see from the process above, you will find out what your child's practice assignment is from their coach. This means your child is already on a team. If they need a specific practice assignment, then we probably have to switch your child with the child on another team. The swap must be done in a fair and open manner. Go here to see the process for players wanting to change teams after the teams have been formed: CLICK HERE.

If, for any reason, we cannot accommodate your request, then you have a few options:

  • Accept your current assignment and adjust your child's other activities.
  • Go through the process to see if your child can be swapped with a player on another team. Or,
  • Leave the program and request a refund (See the Refund Policy and Process here: CLICK HERE).
We will do all we can to accommodate your request. Unfortunately, however, we cannot promise your request can be met.