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Current Schedule

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AYSO 213 is proud to partner with our UK Coaches to deliver a unique learning environment. 
Our goal is to promote the 6th philosophy of AYSO - Player Development.
Each week teams will be assigned a time slot at Harvard Park to be trained by our UK Coach trainers - and the Coaches can learn new exercises to deliver to their teams when they go back to their regular practices.

This training is all held at Harvard park - so we need all teams to come to Harvard on your scheduled day instead of your practice.
These sessions are Monday through Wednesday of each week. Some divisions meet more than others - and this is due to the total number of teams and slots available in each division.
Coaches - please review the schedule below and verify your date/time. If you miss your slot - or if we missed it for you by publishing this schedule later than you were ready - please notify your division commissioner.
Here's how it works:  On the day you are assigned your team should show up at Harvard Park fields A and B at the appropriate time and look for the UK coaches dressed in their white and blue uniform kits. They will direct you to the right location for your training.  For that week you will not meet at one of your regular times - or if you are u5 through U7 you will make this your weekly practices.
We encourage coaches to bring questions, and something to write with in order to take a few notes and ideas back with them to practice.
Look for additional emails from your commissioners.