Referee Coverage Update

Games needing Referee assistance for November 10, 2012

Updated 11/09/2012 at 5:08 PM (Added Nov-12, Nov-13 and Nov-14 games).

All games in Red are subject to cancellation by 6:00 PM the day before the game.

Date Priority Field Name Time Game# Age Home Team Away Team Referee Needs
Nov-10 1-EXTRA Hicks Canyon B 10:00:00 AM 1144 G-13 Paladichuk Z114 Long Beach-Gagnon 1 AR
12:00:00 PM 1113 B-13 Albin L1422 Laguna Hills-Leigber 2 ARs
Northwood Park A 9:00:00 AM 1096 B-10 Cowles E154 Cypress-Neeper 2 ARs
11:00:00 AM 7017 G-9 K143 HB-West Nadal 2 ARs
Northwood Park B 9:00:00 AM 1138 G-12 Foster E59 W Garden Grove-Pick 2 ARs
11:30:00 AM 1131 G-11 Cowles Q96 Tustin-Laird 2 ARs
2-B10 and B12 Semifinals Lower Peters Canyon 9:00:00 AM 790 B-12 058-2nd-Salem 059-3rd-Shir 1 AR
10:15:00 AM 791 B-12 057-1st-Kent 060-4th-McCarthy/Rodriguez 1 AR
Stonegate Park 2:15:00 PM 805 B-10 027-1st-Ganey/Lee 030-4th-Rooein 1 AR
3:30:00 PM 806 B-10 028-2nd-Rueter/Trausch 029-3rd-Holmgren/Carpente 1 AR
3-Primary Competitive Harvard A 9:15:00 AM 787 G-10 144-Boothroyd/Scheitauer 148-Moore 1 AR
10:30:00 AM 788 G-9 223-Gopaul 222-Casola/Burdick 1 AR
11:45:00 AM 789 G-9 220-Buttacio 224-Jalal *** Full Crew ***
1:00:00 PM 767 B-9 140-Edwards/Oakley 139-Anderson/King *** Referee & 1 AR ***
Harvard B 9:00:00 AM 770 G-12 157-Cruse/Williams 160-Samford/Walmsley *** Referee & 1 AR ***
11:30:00 AM 772 G-12 159-Rex/Ableson 158-Grover/Legator *** Referee ***
12:45:00 PM 773 G-12 156-Mortensen/Scoville 161-van den Oever/Wright 1 AR
3:15:00 PM 771 B-12 042-5th-Swancoat/Ibasitas 041-B-12 8th vs 9th Winner 2 ARs
Stonegate Park 8:00:00 AM 800 G-9 221-Chohan 225-Moniz/Bordonali *** Referee ***
9:15:00 AM 801 B-10 012-5th-Villarreal 011-10th-Jiang 2 ARs
11:45:00 AM 803 B-10 013-6th-Rumbaugh 016-9th-Payne *** Full Crew ***
1:00:00 PM 804 B-10 014-7th-Lee/Shirata 015-8th-Ternet/Passamano 1 AR
3-Primary Valencia Park 9:00:00 AM 812 G-8 217-Poissonier 209-Buttacio *** Referee ***
11:00:00 AM 809 G-8 213-Taylor 215-Graves *** Referee ***
3:00:00 PM 811 G-8 219-Wellikson 210-Garcia *** Referee ***
Woodbury Elem South 10:00:00 AM 817 G-7 205-Pina 200-Wang/Christensen *** Referee ***
Nov-12 Primary Competitive Heritage B 6:15 PM 835 B-9 141-Miranda 140-Edwards/Oakley *** Full Crew ***
Nov-13 Primary U7/U8 Harvard A 5:45 PM 890 G-8 219-Wellikson 215-Graves *** Referee ***
Nov-14 Primary U7/U8 Harvard A 5:45 PM 891 G-8 213-Taylor 209-Buttacio *** Referee ***

Referee Coverage Priorities

Referees looking to cover games need to consider them in the following order:
  1. The following Section 11 and Area 11Q games get first priority and are listed in order of importance. Sign up on the Area 11Q site here: CLICK HERE
    1. U-16 and U-19
    2. U-9 through U-14 EXTRA games, and
    3. Inter-Region U-14 games
  2. The following Region 213 games get the next priority and are also listed in order of importance. Sign up on the Region 213 site here: CLICK HERE
    1. Under-9 through Under-12 games, and then
    2. Under-7 and Under-8.

Game Cancellation Policy

Under-9 through Under-14 EXTRA Games

Per the AYSO Section 11 EXTRA Guidelines (available by clicking HERE), any game without a scheduled referee by 9 PM the Thursday before the game is subject to forfeit by the home team.

Under-7 through Under-12 Region 213 Games

Any Region 213 U-7 through U-12 primary program game that does not have a referee (or an assistant referee who can step in and become the referee) by 7:00 PM the day before the game will be canceled.

Canceling the game on the SchedulesEtc scheduling site automatically generates an email to the coaches (notifying them of a change or cancelation). Coaches must wait until they receive official notification (and/or verify on the schedules site) before notifying their team the game has been canceled. Make sure you check with your coach to find out if your game has been canceled.

Canceled games due to a lack of referee will not be rescheduled.

Canceled Games for October 13, 2012

Last updated at 7:30 PM on October 12, 2012 The following games have been canceled due to the fact no referee signed up for the game. They will not be rescheduled.
Game# Age Time Home Team Away Team
422 B-7 12:00 PM 114-Geffeney 120-Rommelfanger
430 B-8 1:00 PM 135-Songer/Songer 127-Nguyen/Viola
458 B-12 12:45 PM 038-Puckett 036-Avendano
454 B-10 10:30 AM 008-Rooein 010-Ternet/Passamano