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To improve national rice production systems, governments need effective and well-informed rice-based policies and coordinated efforts across the public and private sectors to support rice research, development, and extension.

Effective policies and measures rely on good quality and timely information on farmers’ technology needs, rice ecosystems, yields, input use, rice markets, and prices. IRRI is working towards providing better and more easily available information on these topics to help fine-tune national and regional rice strategies and guide priority settings for investments.

Farm level studies generate knowledge and information on farmers’ needs and can identify policy options that support rapid adoption and diffusion of improved technologies. IRRI collects and analyzes data on household and farm characteristics, household resources, labor, income, perceptions on technology needs, technology adoption patterns and constraints, and farm-level effects of technologies. We also study the needs of male and female rice farmers and others involved in rice production from different socioeconomic groups and the effects of labor-saving technologies on their employment and income.

Agri-food Policy Platform Seminar series

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