Why use ORYZA?

ORYZA is a product of more than a decade of improvements and testings by various scientists and researchers. Tracing its beginnings from a simple model for potential growth and production, it has become a comprehensive rice modeling tool applicable for different scenario analysis.

  • It has strong ability on estimating weather constrained rice growth and yield – the potential growth and yield;
  • It has good ability on estimation of actual growth and yield under water- and/or nitrogen-limited conditions;
  • It can be used to study rice cropping management on water (irrigation), nitrogen fertilizer, sowing/transplanting date, etc.
  • It can be used in application-oriented research such as the design of crop ideotypes, the analysis of yield gaps, the optimization of crop management, the ex-ante analysis of the effects of climate change on crop growth, and agroecological zonation;
  • It was calibrated and validated for 18 popular rice varieties in 15 locations throughout Asia.

To download ORYZA rice modeling program, click HERE.