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Awarding of Certificates
5 August 2011
Seminar Room, Harrar Hall
(Photo by: Ely De Leon)

Field Visit
Data collection in practice!
30 July 2011
Data collection with farmers from barangay Tranca, Bay, Laguna, 
followed by lunch and group presentation at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan.
(Photo by: Leo Angelo Ocampo)

Videoke Night at Lucidel
28 July 2011
Lucidel Restaurant, Bay, Laguna
(Photo by: Ely De Leon)

Impact Pathway
(Photo by: Ely De Leon)

Training, Day 2-3
26-27 July 2011
Seminar Room, Harrar Hall
(Photo by: Leo Angelo Ocampo)

Cultural Night
25 July 2011
IRRI Guesthouse
(Photo by: Leo Angelo Ocampo)

Getting to know each other...
25 July 2011
Seminar Room, Harrar Hall
(Photo by: IRRI-CPS, Leo Angelo Ocampo)

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Day 1:  25 July

  9:30 - 10Welcome Digna Manzanilla
 10:30 - 11Introduction to the training-workshop
Outline of the course:  what we hope to achieve
 Debbie Templeton
 11 - 12The role of social sciences in agricultural research and the importance of evaluating projects Thelma Paris
 1 - 2Defining research evaluation and impact assessment Debbie Templeton
 3:15 - 5Introduction to technology assessment and validation – technical and socioeconomic feasibility Arnold Garcia