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Pricing and Schedule

Ironside Medieval Combat  has uniquely designed training equipment specifically created to drill and teach sword skills.  This specialty equipment cannot be purchased or found anywhere else.  Our location is the only gym in town specifically designed to handle the wide variety of sword fighting training and sparing.  We have floors that are durable enough to handle the robust and hard use of fully armored fighting.  In addition, wrestling mats can easily be added to the training area for technical training to avoid injuries.

Monthly Membership
We have three membership packages:
  1. Page Class - $75 a month for one class a week.  Parents and children can choose any day of the week for their children to train. 
  2.  Base Package -$115 a month for two classes a week and open gym.  Single track weapons training, for example only sword and shield.  This is less than $10 a class.
  3. Premium Package - $130 a month for unlimited classes in a single weapons track, for example longsword only.  Open gym as well.  This is less than $5 a class
  4. Unlimited Package - $150 a month unlimited classes in all weapons training, and open gym. This is less than $3 a class
Punch Cards
Every regularly scheduled class and open gym has a base price of $20.  Punch cards are sold with 8 stamps at a time at $160.
  • This is a flexible option for students who want to train a limited time each month.  Classes are taught in 55 minute sessions
  • Open gym lasts several hours at a time.  Open gym is the same price as a regularly scheduled class
  • Click here for Open Gym information
Private Lessons
One on one instruction with an instructor of your choice is $60
  • Private lessons are great for students wanting to accelerate their lessons.
  • Private lessons can be used to get extra work in before a competition.
  • Private lessons are done in 55 minute sessions

Click here for our class descriptions

Ironside Medieval Combat - Schedule

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