As parents, we all want what is best for our children. One of our greatest pleasures in life is watching our children being successful in the world. It can break our heart when we see our child struggle and rarely succeed. Special Education services help children who struggle. Quite often, these children are smart in all other areas, but may have one area where their glitches affect them most. Children are resourceful and often find ways to hide or compensate for their glitch. Sometimes the academic demands become too high for the glitches to go unnoticed. These children need a little extra help.

If you find yourself worrying about your child, about their struggles in a certain area of school, please talk to your child's teacher about your concerns. The teacher can provide extra support and see if it is enough to get your child back on track with their peers. The teacher will collect data to show whether the extra support is helping or not. If it isn't helping, then the teacher may talk to  you about testing for Special Education services. Many bright and talented people received Special Education services during their school years. It is nothing to fear. It is better to know where the glitch lies and work to improve it and learn strategies to overcome the glitch in life.