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B Days
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A1-US Govt. and Cit.
A2-9th/10th Wld. Hist. /Geog.
A3-Hist. 1700

B1-US History II
B2-9th/10th Wld.Hist/Geog.
B3-US History I
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Course Requirements:
  1. Tardies:  Be on time to class! 3 tardies=Student/Teacher Conference, 6 tardies=Parent/Teacher Conference, and more than 12 tardies=Lunch Restitution.
  2. Make-up Work:  If a student misses a class, for any reason, the student will have 5 class periods to make up the work missed. This includes tests, quizzes, assignments and videos. Failure to make up the work in the weeks time will result in a 0. Please see me to make arrangements to make up the work before or after school. **Bellwork and homework check WILL NOT be allowed to be made up. Long period of absences will be dealt with on an individual basis.**
  3. BRING MATERIALS TO CLASS EVERYDAY!!!:  I do not provide lined paper or pencils to students. They are expected to bring their books, binder/notebook and something to write with everyday.
  4. Unexcused Absences: Work cannot be make up if there an unexcused absence. This includes tests, quizzes, projects and homework.
  5. Neatness counts!!!: If I can't read your words, I can't grade it. All work needs to have a name on it to receive credit.
  6. Take care of personal matters before class. No one is allowed to leave the classroom.
  7. Respect others and their opinions. Degrading or profane vocabulary will not be Tolerated!
  8. Any plagiarism or cheating will result in a parent meeting to review serious consequences. It will result in a 0 grade for that assignment, project or test.
Grading Policy
    Grading is based on the total points earned in the class. This includes tests, assignments, quizzes, and projects. Points can be gained or lost based on tardies, preparedness and in class participation with assignments and projects. The total points earned will then be broken down into a percentage and a letter grade will then be assigned according to the following scale.

100-93%.....A            76-73%....C
92-90%.......A-          72-70%....C-
89-87%.......B+          69-67%...D+
86-83%.......B             66-63%...D
82-80%.......B-           62-60%...D-
79-77%.......C+          59-0%.....F