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Credit Make-up Options

Remediation - helping the student relearn concepts in order to bring his/her grade up to an acceptable level.  This is to be completed within the following quarter of the failing grade.  (A 4th quarter F could be made up during 1st quarter of the following year.) After that time, “Make-up” of grades will be required (see bottom section).

Remediation Steps:

1.    Pick up a contract/grade printout from Counseling

2.    Pay $40 at the office.

3.    Take the receipt and the contract to the teacher and arrange to complete the work.

4.    Finish the work within that next quarter.

5.    The teacher will then submit a grade change to Counseling.

If the make-up is not completed within that next quarter, the money will NOT be refunded.

This is the BEST method because the F will be completely replaced with the new grade on the transcript, positively affecting the student’s GPA.


Make-up - anything done after the “remediation” time period has elapsed.   Students may contract with a teacher, if the teacher agrees, to make up a grade older than the preceding quarter, following the same steps as above.  

NOTE: If a student has paid for remediation, but doesn’t finish in the allotted time, that money is not refunded or applied to make-up of that class at a later date.  The student will have to pay another $40 for any make-up done after that time.

Listed below are common methods of make-up “in addition” to the above:

Gradpoint Online Credit - online classes  See PHS Counselor to sign up

Electronic High School - online classes Free tuition - Get PHS Counselor referral

BYU Independent Study - online classes  (PHS Code: 450-295) Cost varies - Consult with the Counselor

Southwest Education Academy (Summer make up) –  $40 per quarter credit - Get PHS Counselor referral

All transfer credit recognized by the Iron County School District must have been awarded by an institution accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges or its affiliate.