Our Class Home Page

Welcome to 8th grade at CMS! Our school is an amazing place of learning and self-discovery.  I can't wait to share
some ideas to guide you in becoming a better writer and reader.  So, no better time like the present, let's get started.

Absent from class?? On the yellow sticky note in the top left,  click on your class page and then locate & click on the day you missed in the calendar to see what we did in class.. The assignment calendar contains classroom work you may have missed.
Print, complete, and hand-in the work to the class basket when you return to school. 

Missing some work?? Click on the class unit to the left and find the work &/or questions and complete before the due date.  :)

Need to email me??  jennifer.rowland@ironmail.org

Need to call me??  CMS 586-2810