Utah Futures

How to ask for a letter of Recommendation

It's that time of year. Time to get applications in for scholarships and admissions for college.  You will need to have some letters of recommendation.  There is an process that needs to be followed to assure you get a quality letter, on time for submission.  

1. Select teachers, counselors, and administration that you know and know you.  Hopefully you have had a positive relationship and they can make your letter personal.
2. When you ask them for a letter, give them time to write the letter, take them a resume, and give them a deadline. Every year, a student comes in my office and ask for a letter of recommendation with no resume and they need it by that afternoon. 
By giving the writer time and a resume, they can better complete the letter in a timely manner. We know most students but we need more personal information to write a quality letter. Resumes really help the writer finish the letter and give it a the personal touch that search committees are looking for. Like students, writers need a deadline.  They are busy but they will get it done so check back a few days before you need it. 
We are happy to write letter of recommendations, but it is easier with a a little bit of help. Good Luck 

Where to look for Scholarships.

1. The college or university you are planning to attend is the best and first place to look for scholarships.  With every application for admissions you complete, you also need to complete a scholarship application for academics, leadership, or  financial need.  Each school sets aside money for students to attend college.  
2. The counseling center receives scholarships for students. 
3. Go to Utahfutures.org and use their search engine for scholarships.
4. Online searches like fastweb.com