Meetings Friday after school.

Midsummer Cast


Oberon: Riley Porter

Titania: Madisen Kropf

Puck:  Megan Baker

Changeling Child: Dawson Warhurst

Titania’s Fairy Crew:

Artie Jake, Kyra Crase, Brandon Rodriguez, Hayden Neil, Lincoln Paul, Raigon Orton, Zoe Huizar

Fairy 1: Avery Brown

Fairy 2: Mia Gatherum

Fairy 3: Haislee Hill

Peasblossom- Catherine Chamberlain

Cobweb- Winter Schmidt

Mote- Anna Englestead

Mustardseed-  Ali Pangan

Dewdrop: Lauren Barrick

Poppy: Jene Haycock

Moth: Marissa Munster

Oberon’s Crew:

Tristan Pjevac, Andrew Hafley, Ben Blake, Aiden Funai, Cullen Lewis, Katie Brown, Jaylie Roden, Madison Horton, Moira Smith, Kortney Savage

Theseus:  Joshua Nielson

Hippolyta:  Kenna Johnson

Egeus:  Jeremy Cain

Margaret Egeus:  Samantha Neil

Philostrate:  Kaitlyn Stapel

Hermia:  Addy Wood

Helena:  Brynlee Bybee

Lysander: Mitchell Wright

Demetrius:  Levi Saylor

Wedding Singer: Andrew Hafley

Muses: Lauren Calamity, Lauren Barrick, Anna Englestead,

3 Pirates: Cullen Lewis, Nick Roberts, Tristan Pjevac

Theseus’s Wedding Party: Ben Blake, Aiden Funai, Katie Brown, Jaylie Roden, Madison Horton, Moira Smith, Kortney Savage

Bottom:  Joirja Cooke

Quince: Cody Briggs

Flute:  Jacob Mosley

Starveling:  Siera Hafley

Snug: Cloee Lewis

Snout: Kate Harris

Mechanical Crew: Tate Canary, Kylie Rose, Natalie Pierce, Nick Roberts, Ryan Walton


Auditioning for the Spring Play “How-To” Guide

  1. Find 10 lines of Shakespeare.  If you don’t know where to find one, I have a some available!  

  2. Be comfortable with the words.  Practice saying them to someone.  Make sure you are speaking loudly and clearly.

  3. Memorize it, if you can.  

  4. Come to auditions on Tuesday Dec. 12th in the auditorium from 3-5pm.  Prepare to fill out a paper with your information on it including time conflicts.  

  5. Be willing to TRY!  I don’t care if you are the perfect actor, I need great people who are easy to work with :-)  

  6. Be available if you are called for “Callbacks” Wed. Dec. 13th 3-5  I will have you read small parts of the play with a group.  Those will be in the classroom.  

Buy your Addams Family tickets online:


First Cast Meeting & Parent Meeting (required):  Thursday Aug. 31st at 6pm in the auditorium.  

(Free ticket voucher will be handed out).

Students, please do not post anything on social media about casting.  There is a time and place for this excitement or frustration but please let the dust settle first.  

PLEASE think about casting this way:  Sometimes we need an apple in the salad and sometimes we need an orange.  Both are great fruits, it just depends on what the salad needs.

If you did not make the show and/or want to improve your skills, please contemplate taking a Theatre I, II, or III or a choir class. - Britannia Howe & Holly Barrick

Cast List

Gomez: Nathan Baker & Lincoln Paul

Morticia: Brynlee Bybee

Wednesday: Kate Harris & Catherine Chamberlain

Lucas: Jacob Mosley

Pugsley: Tristan Pjevac

Fester: Cody Briggs & Josh Nielson

Grandma:Madisen Kropf

Alice: Siera Hafley

Mal: Charles Dorris

Lurch: Lance Alger

Thing: Cloee Lewis

It: Winter Schmidt

Gangster Ancestor: Eric Spencer

Courtizan Ancestor: Justine Padilla

Bride Ancestor: Lauren Calamity

Philistine Ancestor: Joirja Cook

Marie Antoinette Ancestor: Samantha Neil

Marilyn Monroe Ancestor: Kinsey Kropf

Flight Attendant Ancestor: Kailee Maxwell

Mata Hari Ancestor: Megan Baker

Indian Ancestor:  Bree Colbert

Saloon Girl Ancestor: Sydney Meacham

Soldier  Ancestor: Dallen Kimber

Sailor Ancestor: Courtney Willmott

Caveman Ancestor: Ellyn Ohms

Doctor Ancestor: Hayden Neil

Ballerina Ancestor: Erica Bauer

1920s Flapper Ancestor: Anna Englestead

1950s Ancestor: Natalie Pierce

1960s Ancestor:  Rachel Zortman

Hippie Ancestor: Haislee Hill

1980s Ancestor: Jayde Prisbrey

Flamenco Ancestor: Emmie Tremelling

Shakespeare Ancestor: Levi Saylor

Conquistador Ancestor: Braiden Adams

Cowboy Ancestor: Keegan Hollis

Cowgirl Ancestor: Ali Pangan

Cleopatra Ancestor:  Avery Brown

Pirate Ancestor: Glenn Bridges

Newsboy Ancestor: Dawson Warhurst

Groom Ancestor: Andrew Hafley

Plato Ancestor: Cullin Lewis

Einstein Ancestor: Jeremy Cain

Elvis Ancestor: Tate Canary

Joan of Arc Ancestor: Mia Gatherum

Queen Victoria Ancestor: Alissa Sanders

Coco Chanel Ancestor: Alyssa Fain

Katherine Hepburn Ancestor: Kennedy McCuistion

Sailor Ancestor: Megan Shields

Amelia Earhart Ancestor: Tesia Beatty

Millie Ancestor: Kenna Johnson

Tigerlily Ancestor: Halle Romine

Julliet Ancestor: Kaitlin Marriot

Flight Attendant: Addy Wood

Fester’s Moon People: Kaitlyn Staple, Kylie Rose, Jessalyn Warhurst, Abigail Meyers,

Featured  Dancers: Kaitlin Marriott, Mia Gatherum, Haislee Hill, Erica Bauer, Halle Romine, Megan Baker, Kenna Johnson, Addy Wood, Ali Pangan, Kennedy McCuistion

Male Featured Dancers:  Tate Canary, Jeremy Cain, Levi Saylor, Braiden Adams, Keegan Hollis

“Secret's” Soloists: Joirja Cook, Megan Baker, Kinsey Kropf, and Samantha Neil

Addams Family Auditions

Monday Aug. 21st 3:00pm- After School Students

Tue. Aug. 22nd 3:00pm Call Backs (only those on the list posted outside Mrs. Barrick's door after Tuesday lunch)

Audition info on Musical Page

Performance Dates are Nov. 2-6th

Falcon Head-06.jpg

Congratulations  Class & Casts 2017-2018!!!

A big thank you to everyone who auditioned.  We had record numbers audition this year which made it extra difficult but exciting. I'm posting this early in the morning so I hope I spell everyone's names right. I know I will have missed something, and will update the lists as needed.

If I didn’t make it, should I audition next year?

Absolutely. Many students audition, then audition again the next year and have improved SO MUCH in their voice, confidence, and theatricality. Please do not be discouraged. We want to see you again next year.  

So what do I do now?

Chin up. Smile. Keep practicing If for some reason, an actor cannot do the show anymore, you will be the first people we consider to recast.

 Play Production Cast/Theatre IV

Kaitlin Stapel

Cloee Lewis

Madisen Kropf

Brynlee Bybee

Siera Hafley

Kylie Rose

Jacob Mosley

Cody Briggs

 Joshua Nielson

Nathan Baker

Katie Harris

Kenna Johnson

Winter Schmidt

Samantha Neil

Tate Canary

Jackson Eatchel

Jeremy Cain
Ali Pangan

Cullen Lewis

Mia Gatherum

Avery Brown

Kinsey Kropf

Andrew Hafley

Musical Class/Cast

Megan Baker

Nathan Baker

Erica Bauer

Cody Briggs

Brynlee Bybee

Tesia Beatty

Bree Colbert

Avery Brown

Bella Daughton

Joijra Cooke

Tate Canary

Charles Dorris

Jeremy Cain

Catherine Chamberlain

Anna Englestead

Alyssa Fain

Siera Hafley

Samantha Haley

Chad Hardin

Katie Harris

Andrew Hafley

Mia Gatherum

Kinsey Kropf

Haislee Hill

Keegan Hollis

Madisen Kropf

Cloee Lewis

Abigail Meyers

Kenna Johnson

Kaitlin Marriott

Kennedy McCuistion

Cullen Lewis

Dallen Kimber

Trevor Kroff

Kailee Maxwell

Jacob Mosley

Samantha Neil

Joshua Nielson

Ellyn Ohms

Ali Pangan

Hayden Neil

Lincoln Paul

Tristan Pjevac

Erik Rangel

Hallie Romine

Kylie Rose

Levi Saylor

Winter Schmidt

Kaitlyn Stapel

Eric Spencer

Emmie Tremelling

Courtney Willmott

Addy Wood

Jessalyn Warhurst

Dawson Warhurst

Director:  Holly Barrick

Assistant Director:  Ame Plummer

Stage Manager:  Cloee Lewis

Assist Stage Manager: Macall Judd

Dramaturg:  Ali Damavandi

Anne……………..Lexi Davis       

Mr. Frank………..Aaron Harris

Peter……………..Jarom Bush & Kaden Ransom

Margot…………....Bailey Sorensen & Brynlee Bybee

Mrs. Frank……….Ashley Jordan & Madison Kropf

Mrs. van Daan…..Kaitlin Stapel & Siera Hafley

Mr. van Daan…….Nathan Baker & Chris Houston

Mr. Dussel………..Cody Briggs & Danny Bugg

Miep……………....Larissa Beatty & Danni Quastad

Mr. Kraler………...Josh Nielson & Kortney Savage

First Nazi………….Riley Porter

Second Nazi……...Ali Damavandi

Third Nazi………….Jeremy Cain

Nazis……………….Josh Sommers, Katie Harris, Jeremy Cain, Macall Judd, Cloee Lewis

Anne understudy….. Ali Pangan


Region Champs

2016 Region Champs

2014 Parade Madness





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