Mrs. Johnson's Business Classes

Welcome to Mrs. Johnson's Business class website at Canyon View High School!
This website includes state standards, course disclosures, assignment dates, and assignment attachments for the  business courses taught by Mrs. Johnson at Canyon View High School.  Mrs. Johnson's class schedule is as follows:
Fall Semester
2017 (S1)

1A Business Comm 1
2A Prep
3A CSIS 1000
4A Computer Tech
5A Computer tech

1B Web Page Design
2B Business Comm 1
3B Flex
4B Prep
5B CSIS 1000

Spring Semester
2018 (S2)

1A Computer Tech
2A Web Page Design
3A Prep
4A Computer Tech
5A Computer Tech

1B Business Comm 2
2B Prep
3B Flex
4B Computer Tech
5B Web Page Design

Mrs. Johnson is available 1/2 hour before and after school and during 3B Flex class to help students with assignments

About Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. Johnson has been teaching at Canyon View High School since Fall 2005.  She is also an adjunct professor at Southern Utah University, teaching the Business Education methods courses BE4900 and BE4950.

Mrs. Johnson teaches CSIS1000, a concurrent enrollment course (a required general education course at SUU).  She has also taught sections of CSIS1000 adjunct for SUU.
From 1999-2004, Mrs. Johnson was an instructor in the Business Education Department at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH.
She is currently the Webmaster for the Canyon View High School Website.

Mrs. Johnson is married to Bruce W. Johnson.  They are the parents of 5 children and have 13 grandchildren.