1. BIOGRAPHICAL INFO:  Please click on the link below and fill in your demographic information.


    1. Each player is required to donate 1-Drink item and 1-Food Item to be sold in concessions. Please bring these to Aly Farrow, Coach Potter, or to the concession stand. Please WRITE your players name on the item(s).

    2. Contact Aly Farrow (435) 592-0674 to fill in at least TWO-THREE slots per player for concessions.

  3. Silent Auction: We ask that you find at least one donation for the silent auction and get these items to Charity Twitchell (435)559-1890 ASAP.
  4. COMMITTEES:  Contact Aly Farrow to sign up for at least TWO-THREE of the sub committees (if not more) :)

    1. Fundraiser -- Fundraiser Dinner/Auction/Scrimmage -- THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16 (food prep/Auction/set-up & serving)

    2. Senior Night  --  (JUNIOR PARENTS)

    3. Team Meals Home Region Games (6 meals -- 2-3 families per meal)

    4. Year-End Banquet

    5. SHCC Baked Goods (December 29 and 30)

Please Click on the link and fill out the information for EACH player in the program.

*     Fan Gear Form - See Ally for a copy-Forms are due by November 17th 

For information about Booster items, please contact Aly Farrow @ 435-592-0674  OR canyonviewbooster@gmail.com