Student Ambassadors:   Meet the CMS Defensive line

    Here at CMS, Student Ambassadors strive to create a safe, comfortable, fun atmosphere for all students. We work closely with counselors, administration, teachers, student government and the student body in general to promote an environment of peace and friendliness. As Ambassadors, we're here to be advocates for all of our peers. We want everyone to enjoy their time at CMS, and we aim to accomplish this.
Mission Statement:  
   CMS Ambassadors are a community of student representatives that lead, encourage and promote a positive and comfortable atmosphere for all students. We exemplify and empower fellow students by teaching skills and strategies that will help to develop character and inspire a respectful school culture. We strive to help all students feel comfortable and make CMS a better place. All who enter our doors will be accepted and welcomed.

    Motto:  "We've Got Your Back!"

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