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Welcome to the Canyon View High School Woodworking Shop Class website.  Here you will find any information that you need regarding the woodworking/Cabinetmaking/Furniture Design classes.  I hope that the information found in this website will be useful, and beneficial to all those who use it.  Below you will find information about the courses offered, daily schedules, information about assignments, class rules/policies, contact information, and much more.  Thanks for using this website, and let me know if I can be of any assistance.


Woodworking half/full year
Furniture Design and Manufacturing
Make up work policy:

This policy applies to all classes, but if you miss any class project work time I am here most days after school until 3:30pm, and some days later so if you would arrange a time with me to come in, and make up your work time after school that would be great.  I am also open to stay later than that on some days if needed.  If you need to make up a missed assignment you can look at the calendar to see what you missed, get with me and I will give you the assignment to take home to do, then you can hand it in next time in class. You can also make anything up during FLEX time when I am an open room, which is what my room usually is.



1-A  Furniture Design/Manufacturing

2-A  Woodworking/Half Year

3-A  Prep

4-A  Woodworking/Full Year

5-A  Woodworking/Half Year


1-B  Cabinetmaking/Millwork

2-B  Prep

3-B  Flex

4-B  Furniture Design/Manufacturing

5-B  Woodworking/Half Year


Schedule of Events for Fall Semester 2017:

Skills USA Meetings during lunch in my classroom, room 129, check the calendar, or with me for more details.

October 9-10 Skills USA Fall Leadership Conference at UVU in Orem, Utah.


Welcome to the CVHS Woodworking, Cabinetmaking, Furniture Design & Manufacturing program here at Canyon View High School!!!!!!!!!  It is going to be an awesome year!!!!!!!  WE ARE GOING TO ROCK THE HOUSE AT CVHS THIS YEAR!!!!

ALL STUDENTS:  Lets get started off on the right foot this Semester!!!!!!  Here is to a GREAT Semester!!!!!!!

All students are expected to be on time to class, and be responsible, because all students will be held accountable for their actions in this class, so be prepared, and on time everyday, this will go a long way for you, and for me in this class.
All students need to be coming to class on time, so you can participate in the bell starters everyday, attendance plays a huge role in your final grades.  Please BE ON TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Safety glasses can be purchased from the CVHS Woodworking program, they range from $4.00 to $15.00 depending on which pair you choose.  They are very cool, and stylish looking.

All students need to be prepared everyday with a tape measure, pencil, and project plans, or they will not be able to work in the shop.  Students that cannot work in the shop will be required to read a woodworking article, write a 1 page rough draft about the article, then turn in the next class a 1 page typed paper about what you learned about the article, using 12pt font, and double spacing. 

Students that are not prepared to work need to make sure they are doing the article assignments everyday in order to get their points in class, if they do not do the article assignments they will receive a 0 for that day that cannot be made up.  Get your stuff turned in so you can work, and come to class prepared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All students need to make sure that they get their Lab fee of $15.00 paid to the office asap!!!!!

All students need to make sure that they get their project fees paid to the office asap so we can get your wood ordered for projects, and get in the shop building!!!!!!

All Students must get their course disclosures, and permission slips signed/returned asap.

All fees are due,Friday, September 1, 2017, please get your fees paid to the office asap!!!!



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Send me an email, or give me a call any day, any time, I am here to be of assistance.  My email address is david.sorensen@ironmail.org
and my other contact information can be found in the sidebar on this page.

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