Welcome to Ironbound CARE Cumulative Impacts Project

Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) is a community-based program funded by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and designed to help the public identify, understand and reduce toxic risks from numerous sources in their communities.   In 2009 the Ironbound Community Corporation (ICC) was one of only twenty three organizations nationwide to receive  a 2-year $100,000 CARE Level I grant.

Today, the environmental burdens in our community are complex and diverse.  We can no longer rely solely on information about single point sources of pollution from traditional manufacturing industries, such as those tracked in state and federal  databases. In addition to industrial point sources, our community must grapple with non-traditional sources of pollution that together constitute a cumulative environmental and health burden.

This project brings local residents together with representatives of community groups, businesses, government, and academia to understand and improve Ironbound's environment.  Information about Ironbound's environmental problems will be gathered along with experiential knowledge from the community and socio-economic and public health data that describes community vulnerability to these environmental problems.  With input from the public, our Working Group members will rank environmental issues and prioritize strategies for action to address Ironbound's environmental problems and related health concerns.   




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