Students who have studied informatics, control, material and biology can take the entrance examination of your background.
You can study in our department in English. No Japanese conversation skill is needed.

   A Perceptual Information Infrastructure monitors and recognizes real environment through sensor networks. The sensor network tracks people in real-time and recognizes human behaviors which provide rich information for understanding real world events and helps peoples and robots working in the real world.
   An Intelligent Robot Infrastructure is an interaction-based infrastructure. By interacting with robots, people can establish nonverbal communications with the artificial systems. That is, the purpose of a robot is to exist as a partner and to have valuable interactions with people.
   Our objective is to develop technologies for the new generation information infrastructures based on Computer Vision, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

 Aug. 6, 2018 Our latest child-like android robot "ibuki" was featured on IEEE Spectrum's Video Friday.
Professor Ishiguro’s New Robot Child, and More
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 Jul. 8, 2016  Prof. Ishiguro is featured in a documentary video of The New York Times, whose theme is AI.
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 Mar.31, 2016  Prof. Ishiguro mounted a platform at the event of South by Southwest (SXSW) 2016 with his geminoid, and received a great deal of attention.
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 Mar.30, 2016  In a CNN's 30-minute documentary "MADE IN JAPAN", CNN International's Tokyo correspondent Will Ripley came to Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories. The program will air on CNN on Wedensday March 30 at 11:30, 17:30 (HKT) and Thursday March 31 at 00:30 (HKT). 
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 Mar.15, 2016  A new documentary series looking at cutting-edge science including Dr. Ishiguro and our projects will broadcast on BBC TWO Horizon, Wedensday 16th 20:00 GMT. The video will be available shortly after broadcast.                             For more information, please see here

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