KOLKATA 2012 Norms

Please note that all participants of KOLKATA 2012 are expected to follow certain norms.

  • There will be a lot of people from different parts of the country. Please do not hurt their sensitives by your words or deeds.

  • IR officials of various ranks may attend the KOLKATA 2012 convention. Please follow the standard IRFCA conduct guidelines when interacting with them. Please do not force them into situations where they are uncomfortable and in particular, do not ask favours like help with ticket booking, footplating or loco shed visits.

  • Smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks is strictly prohibited on premises.

  • Do not litter, or cause any damage to the venue. Any damage will be charged to us, and will be liable on the person(s) who caused it.

  • Please respect the rules of the institution when you are visiting. Please be very polite and cordial with all the people you interact with.

  • For the visits, we are trying to make manageable groups under an assigned team leader. Please follow the instructions of that leader, adhere to timings and do not stray from your group.

  • You alone are responsible for your safety and well being. Please give a thought to this before going anywhere or doing anything.

  • Please do not cause the organisers any embarassment by any misdemeanour. When you are on your own, or attending the unofficial trips, you are alone responsible for your actions and whatever you do is at your own risk. Please do not ask us to bail you out. We cannot.

– Kolkata 2012 will be A LOT OF FUN!