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Courtney Ludwig enjoys the beauty nature has to offer and the elements that it can bring, like peace and serenity.

Waterfalls are especially calming and at the same time obnoxious, with the heavy consistent flow of water and a mind of their own, waterfalls are amazing to capture in motion from either near or far


Music is another form of art just as is photography and being able to cature those who perform in the act is very special and takes an eye to do so.

I have been told that I have that eye and am a natural for capturing the moment, as you look at some of my work you can see that statement be true but does not always come easily

Places to Visit

Not everyone has the chance to travel and go somewhere new and explore, in just the last 2 years I have been very lucky and have been to quite a few places where beauty, serenity and excitement are far from hidden.

Like the picture above, taken in Sedona, AZ, is another world all on its own, who would think that Sedona can be so amazing and yet so close, this small town is only 4 hours from Tucson, AZ, where I reside and gives me the art I need to make pictures beautiful