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<~~~ How to use WarriorNET

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<~~~ How to get to Calcium's Ebooks!

I will be adding at home learning resources to this page daily/weekly. Please check out the instructions page to help your child get access to all of our resources. Your student has a lot of resources on their WarriorNET!!


Great Activities and ebooks that change every day!!

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Google Classroom Access for Library and PE and Health

Calcium Story Time and Library Lessons Google Classroom:


Calcium PE: gbs2tw3 K-3 Health: 4cnse23

Google Classroom can be accessed through your students WarriorNET, as well as classroom.google.com. WarriorNET instructions are at: https://sites.google.com/a/ircsd.org/ms-hardy-s-k-3-library/home/ebook-and-databases-newsletter?authuser=0

Once you are in Google Classroom, click the + sign on the top right side of the screen. The join class window pops up. Add the class code, then click join. It's that easy! We will be posting activities, read alouds, and games. You can also drop a line to say Hello!! :)

We have ebooks, and Read Aloud books on These Pages:

Click Here for the Book Search Page

Click Here for the Database Page - Check out Gale and Rosen Books!!

Click Here for the Literature Resources Page - Tons of Tumblebook resources here until August 31!! Thank You, Tumblebooks!!!

Lots of learning online, including schedules you can follow and field trips!! :)

The Daily STEM with Chris Woods

will inspire you to use household items to build some really cool things!!! (Click his Picture)

Mindful classes to help you stay healthy!

NYS Parent Portal - Click Logo for

Information on Coronavirus Tips, Activities and more

TumbleBook of the Day:

More TumbleBooks on our Literature Resources Page.


Welcome to our library web page! This is my 10th year teaching at Indian River CSD. I am the librarian at Calcium Primary School. This website will help you get information on Calcium and Philadelphia Primary Libraries, activities, databases, ebooks and much more. Please use this site for contacting me, searching for books, getting information, starting your research, coding and games!


Ms. Hardy

Calcium Library staff:

Ms. Hardy, Ms. Ashwood, Mrs. Madjerick and Ms. Stein

Have questions? Click on the link below to email me, or leave a 90 second voice message.

Please email me with questions or concerns.