The overall mission of the English Department is to 

promote college and career readiness through literacy--specifically the ability to read, write, and think critically.


Aligned with the Common Core and NYS Learning Standards, English classes at IRCHS provide relevant English language opportunities in reading, writing, listening, viewing, speaking and critical thinking. A focus on informational texts, research , and document-based writing will help students become discriminating users of both print and non-print media. Literary traditions of the past influence contemporary works; therefore, our selection of literary materials seeks to balance the classics with more modern works as we study literature in order to better understand ourselves and our world.

Literary and media works, selected for excellence in both content and style, will promote humanistic attitudes, aesthetic appreciation, multi-cultural awareness, and critical evaluation skills.  While the vast majority of literary works and videos have been recognized as meritorious, some materials and resulting discussion may contain elements of a sensitive/ mature nature (i.e. sexuality, religion, racism, crime, etc…).  These topics are dealt with in a non-gratuitous and sensitive manner.


The IRCHS English program is designed to improve students’ awareness of the important role that the English language and its literature play in their intellectual, personal, and career development.

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