Policies and Procedures


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Indian River High School Physical Education

Policies and Procedures


            Here, at Indian River, we take pride in our Physical Education program.  We try to provide a positive learning environment for all students.  In order for this to happen, we have listed expectations for your student.  We require each student and their parents/guardians to familiarize themselves with our expectations to ensure their success.  We hope to teach these students not only how to live a healthy lifestyle, but how to utilize life skills they will need beyond their high school years.  The life skills that relate directly to our expectations are personal responsibility and management skills.  To aid in your student’s success, please read the following policies and procedures we have listed for you.  Once you have read our policies, please sign and date at the bottom and your student will return them to their Physical Education teacher.  Thank you for your support! We are looking forward to a great 2015-2016 school year.


Arrival and Departure

·         Student’s must be on time for class, locker rooms will be locked after the bell has rung

·         When leaving class, students must wait for bell before departure to next class

·         If  a student leaves early, appropriate consequences will be assigned



·         Students are expected to be in class ON TIME

·         If tardy, the student’s daily grade will be affected and points may be deducted

·         If student does not have a pass from a teacher and they are late to class, that is considered tardy.


*Locker Room

·         The school will supply each student with a combination lock; they encouraged NOT to share their combination with others

·         Student’s valuable/personal items MUST be stored IN the lockers.  PE STAFF IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR STOLEN/LOST ITEMS

·         Students are asked to NOT share lockers with other students.  We will at NO TIME open a locker for any student other than the student directly assigned to that locker for ANY reason!

Preparation for class

·         Absolutely NO CELL PHONES are allowed in class.  See grading policy

·         Proper attire must be worn during class: shorts, t-shirt, athletic pants and sneakers

*Attendance and Make-ups

·         In New York State, Physical Education is state-mandated and required by law.

·         ALL ABSENCES MUST BE MADE UP BY THE END OF THE QUARTER TO RECEIVE CREDIT.  Any make up classes past the deadline will NOT be accepted.

·         They can be made up by doing one of the following: Attending PE during a study hall period by getting a pre-signed pass from your PE teacher (MANDATORY), Stay after school in the weight room on the following designated days:

                    QUARTER 1: FRIDAY 2:30-3:00 (CALLAHAN)

                    QUARTER 2: FRIDAY 2:30-3:00 (BURGESS)

                    QUARTER 3: THURSDAY 2:30-3:00 (MARSELL)

                    QUARTER 4: FRIDAY 2:30-3:00 (ARMES)

·         If you stay after school in the weight room, workout options will be provided to you when you sign in. 

·         A grade of  “0” will be given for all classes that are not made up at the end of the quarter

*Grading policy

·         Students will receive a numerical grade at the end of each 10-week marking period

·         Their grade is based on ¾ daily participation and ¼ tests/assessments

·         Daily grade is based off a 5 point scale: 2 points – Preparedness, 2 points-Daily Objectives/Effort, 1 point – safety.

o   Unprepared students AUTOMATICALLY begin the class at a “3” if they have sneakers but improper attire.  If the student has improper footwear (boots, sandals), the student will walk the track for 1 point.  However, all unprepared classes can be made up to a “4 out of 5” points by following the make-up policies. *If a student refuses to participate due to certain attire, but is prepared for class, the student will receive a “0” and this can NOT be made up.

o   PHONE USE in class without special permission from teacher will have the following consequences: 1st warning to put it away – Minus 1 point from daily grade

 2nd warning to put it away – Minus 2 points from daily grade

 3rd warning to put it away – phone is removed from student and taken to the Main office for further action.

*These point deductions CAN NOT be made up.

·         Extra credit may be given at the discretion of individual teachers


**For EACH quarter, a student has the choice of receiving a "free" Unprepared or School-related Absence where that particular day will be exempt from their quarter average.  With the unprepared, the student can still elect to make up that class to receive a 4/5 as well as the absence for a 5/5 to save their free class (especially if they know they have a special academic activity they have to attend).   With the school-related Absence, the student must obtain a special form that will have to be signed by the coordinating teacher, administrator or coach to validate that the student was in attendance at that function to receive the exemption. 

 (Examples of events that would constitute a School-related Absence: Academic awards ceremony, regents testing, play previews, athletic contest, mock accident, club trips, senior trip.)

*Medical Restrictions

·         If your student is injured and has a medical note, PLEASE ask the doctor to list what activities the student CAN do during Physical Education.  This will alleviate them from having to make up classes or do the alternate assessments.  [For Example, Student has a broken wrist.  The doctor can say they can walk around the track, or can ONLY do lower body exercises in the weight room.] We will base their daily grade on their participation in that specific activity exclusive to their medical note.

·         Medical Excuses that are less than 5 days will equate to absence.  These classes must be made up

·         For students who have extended medical restrictions beyond 5 days, we will have written assignments on our google classroom that coincide with our daily lessons.  They will complete the assignment related to those classes missed.  If they are medically released prior to the end of the quarter, they can make up classes through pre-signed passes or after school weight room workouts.

    *Note: Our google classroom is ONLY for students who are extended medical or have and extended absence beyond our 5 day minimum.  (Some examples could be surgery, suspensions, etc.)


·         The curriculum is based around 3 main categories: Lifetime/Leisure Activities, Personal Fitness and Physical Health, Team Sports/Activities

·         Advanced Physical Education is available for any Junior or Senior student. Students who wish to pursue a career in a sports-related field will be considered.