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 COMENIUS Multilateral school partnerships - GFGM
Codice progetto:  2012-1-GB1-COM06-18592-9
Finanziamento : programma LLP

link to the official website   : www.gfgm2012.com

  • Marriotts School - Stevenage - GB (Coord.)
  • Schulheim Schloss Kasteln - Oberflachs - CH (Partn.)
  • Gymnasium Finkenwerder - Hamburg - DE (Partn.)
  • Instituto de Educacion Secundaria Abyla - Ceuta - ES (Partn.)
  • Stevenson College Edinburgh - Edinburgh - GB (Partn.)
  • IPSIA Carlo Cattaneo - Roma - RM - IT (Partn.)
  • Stedelijk College - Eindhoven - NL (Partn.)
  • Zespol Szkol Elektronicznych i-Ogolnoksztalcacych - Przemysl - PL (Partn.)
  • Colegiul National Al. I. Cuza - Ploiesti - RO (Partn.)
  • Insjons Skola - Insjon - SE (Partn.)
  • Summary
    The partnership plans to enhance stakeholders' appreciation of issues connected with sustainable consumerism in the European Union via a common focus on food and drink as a key element of household expenditure, a major factor in well-being and longevity, a lever for integration of minoritised groups within the EU, along with a major provider of employment across the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.
    Industries involved in food and beverage production will be studied by the partners, who will evaluate and present the sourcing, quality, quantity, nutritional value and health impact of the diets of various groups within their and their partners' states. Longevity, health issues, consumer and marketing trends will be researched, compared and contrasted. The role of SMEs as a key driver for economic growth in the EU will be investigated by students, who will recognise the opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship in this sector.
    The partnership plans to use EU-developed resources including the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health. Key initiatives include: the voluntary reformulation efforts by companies to reduce levels of specific nutrients of public health concern overall in the diet (e.g. sodium, transfats, etc.) and, in addition, the introduction of the voluntary industry-wide scheme, Guideline Daily Amounts, providing additional information to consumers for key nutrients.
    Activities will promote healthy eating for sport, including understanding of the various food groups as advocated by the 'Eatwell Plate'.
    The contribution of the various minority groups in the EU to the diversity of contemporary cuisine will be identified and celebrated as a vehicle for social integration, mutual appreciation and linguistic development.

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