Welcome to Team 8-1

Hello Parents and Students,

We hope you are enjoying this time of year as winter turns to spring. Below we have some important information regarding our classes for the next few weeks. As always see the homework page for our most current homework for each class. Have a great day!

Language Arts: The theme for Quarter 4 is Born Free and Equal considers the innate rights of of the individual and how those rights can be compromised or violated.  Throughout this study we will ask students to examine the following essential questions:

  1. What gives mankind power?

  2. In what ways are people today across the world having their rights violated?

  3. Do the rights of a society supersede the rights of an individual?

By the end of the quarter, Students will gain insight into the workings of the United Nations by assuming the role of a UN representative.  They will research a human rights issue that needs to be resolved and the United Nations General Assembly will gather to debate this issue.   Students will make their own decisions about the issue and confront other world leaders in a unique opportunity to experience the challenges of international negotiation.  

Science: As we move into Spring students will be looking more in depth at what it is that makes up weather as well as what it is that makes the weather change. Students will explore the world around them by making observations and predictions about what is happening and will happen with the weather patterns that they see occurring.

U.S. History:  Quarter 4 in United States History will examine America at the turn of the 20th century.  The major topics examined will be: World War I, The Jazz Age, The Great Depression, WWII, and the various decades.   Please ask your child about their historical assignments and what they are learning.  Your insight into these topics is incredibly valuable to their learning.  

Math: 4th quarter:

  • Pre-Algebra: 4th quarter math class will cover Geometry. Some key vocabulary: transformations, translations, reflections, rotations, dilation, parallel lines, traversal, alternate interior, alternate exterior, corresponding angles, vertical, etc. We practice in class on a daily basis by taking notes, working in a small group, constructing viable arguments, and doing a hands on activity (card sort, match-up, maze, etc.). Mini quizzes will be at the end of each week. Tests usually come every 4 weeks. Throughout the week, we use strategies such as making sense of problems, attending to precision, and looking for repeated reasoning. These are a few examples of the 8 mathematical practices.    
  • Algebra: During 4th quarter, we will study: Graphing and Transformations and Quadratics. Some key vocabulary: inequalities, minimum, maximum, AOS, vertex, quadratics, parabola, graphing, standard form, vertex form, linear, exponential, etc. In class we practice, take notes, and work in small groups. Students are constantly discussing the lesson and collaboratively working to solve the problem. We refer to MathXL for practice and take weekly quizzes. If a student does not score well on a quiz, he/she should re-take it. Practice takes place at school and homework is given out occasionally.  

Kate Wickert - Instructional Leader 
Science/U.S. History
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ELA/U.S. History 
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ELA/U.S. History
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 Upcoming Reminders/Events 
  • Holocaust Project Day 4/19
  • No school 5/29
  • Main Even 5/31
  • Field Days 6/1
  • Last Day of School 6/2