FACS-Family & Consumer Science

6th- This exploratory 9 week course introduces students to the Family and Consumer Science Curriculum. The areas of concentration include; nutrition, culinary procedure and textile design. Students will engage in collaborative hands-on culinary and textile lab experiences.

7th-FACS is an engaging, semester-long course that teaches students how to be more self-sufficient in the areas of textiles and food. Students work collaboratively in kitchens to prepare and complete healthy and nutritious recipe choices  that lead to  improving culinary abilities and skills.

8th-Foods, Nutrition and Wellness are the focus of this hand-on comprehensive course geared to improve upon students culinary skills and places an emphasis on many current food topics and trends. This semester-long course gives students the opportunity to cooperate and share in a multitude of cooking experiences while improving on applicable life skills.

8th Grade Sewing is a semester-long, self-paced course that students of all sewing abilities can further develop skills by creating both hand and machine sewn projects. This hands-on course teaches students about clothing design, pattern interpretation, best practices and critical thinking skills.

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