Welcome to Sr. Tatham's Classroom Resource Page
If you need information about a Spanish class being taught by Sr. Tatham, this is the place to start. Find your syllabus, email me, and get just about any other information related to your course. Most of our actual class work and day to day information will be done through Google Classroom. See the link to the classroom site below.

Sr. Tatham
  • School: NVHS
  • Phone: (630)-428-6000 ex.4797
  • Email: benjamin_tatham@ipsd.org
Classroom Resources:
  • Español 2 Syllabus
  • Español 3 Syllabus
  • classroom.google.com (See sr. T for code to join your section)
  • Weebly:  http://senort.weebly.com/