This year will be a "SUPER" year at Spring Brook!
2017-2018 Fifth Grade Team

Week of 10/2 - 10/6

Unit 1/Cycle 2: This cycle focuses on how family and cultural background help shape the identities of individuals and communities. Students will look at a variety of texts to determine how one's community or family helps shape a person's identity. Students will also reflect on identity, culture, and family in their narrative writing. This week we began reading Becoming Naomi Leon (Chapters 1 - 5).  We  worked on summaries of each chapter (illustrative, verbal, and written summaries.   


The students completed their personal narrative regarding either their best or worst memory.  Their writing was to include very descriptive writing, using sensory detail to show and not tell different narrative elements.

In Grammar, the focus this week was on prepositions.

Word Study
 This week we worked on the roots: mem, ology, and sci.  Students completed sentences using words in context, responded to definitions, chose words that best described the root word, completed analogies, sorted word by parts of speech, matched words to definitions, and tested their understanding.

5L Math
We started Unit 2: Ratios, Rates, Proportions, Percent.  Students were introduced to ratios and learned how to use them to compare data.  Students compared sets using visuals, tape diagrams and double line graphs.

5K Math

5K math worked on dividing decimals by a one digit divisor. The end of module assessment will take place on Oct. 11.

The students were introduced to the earth's atmosphere.  They worked on activities that related to the 5 layers of the earth's atmosphere.
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