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Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!
    AP Physics:  REVIEW SESSION -Saturday, May 6th Noon - 3PM Room 264.  We'll likely focus on Rotational motion to start, then move on to whatever topics folks would like to discuss.

"Motional emf FR soln" is now posted. (1:39 AM, 5/4/17) 
The solution to the first induction FR is now posted.  Please look through it.  It's pretty cool, I think.  I may not get the second one posted tonight...  The file is called, "Inductors" (9:18 PM, 5/3/17)

It is my intention to write up nice explanations of the two induction FR problems at the back of the unit packet.  I will try to get that posted soon.  (Today is my wife's birthday, so we'll see what happens.) (10:10 AM, 5/2/17)

"Electromagnetc Induction Solutions" is now finished and posted. (1:05 AM, 5/1/17)
"Electromagnetc Induction Solutions" are mostly posted now (problems 1-5) (3:22 PM, 4/30/17) (Remember, on MC, the problems tend to be short.  You should understand what's going on in these problems conceptually, and recognize what formulas we are applying, but long calculations like these won't show up until the FR section on Thursday.)  I'll get the rest of the solutions posted in a little bit.
I plan to have an E&M review session this Saturday, 4/29/17, at 3PM in Room 264.
"Ampere's Law" Solutions now posted in the AP Physics Google Drive (6:38 AM, 4/28/17)
"Biot-Savart" solutions is now updated to include solutions to all four problems in that set, and is now posted in the AP Physics Google Drive (6:50 PM, 4/27/17)
"Forces on Charges & Currents in Magnetic Fields Solutions" is now posted in the AP Physics Google Drive (11:23 PM, 4/24/17)
Aaaaahhh... Another masterpiece!  Solutions to the RC Circuit Free Response problems are now posted in the AP Physics Google Drive.  (11:56 AM, 4/15/17)

    Honors Physics:  Added answers to Projectiles WS#2 to the Google drive.  (1/23/17)

OLO's can be found in the "Student Resources" Google drive (Link below).  The OLO requirements provide handy summaries of the concepts in each unit and are helpful for studying for the test the first time...

Honors Physics -Click for Google Drive
New Course Schedule -Check for readings, HW, etc.  Make sure you look at the correct tab on the bottom: SIEH HPhysics. -A useful site with nice explanations of physics concepts and introductory calculations
Final Exam Review -Review Guide and Solutions
AP Physics -Click for Google Drive
New Course Schedule -Check for readings, HW, etc.
Viren's Videos -Videos for AP Physics
AP Central -College Board's site.  Get practice FR's here.
Practice MC Problems -Mechanics -Arranged by topic!
Practice MC Problems -E&M -Arranged by topic!
Mechanical Universe -Venerable physics videos.  If you find them with better quality online, let me know!
1998 Exam -for practice!  Mech starts on page 125 for MC, pg 153 for FR.  E&M starts on page 137 for MC, pg 163 for FR.  Answers start on pg 167.
1998 Exam Complete Solutions  -after you've done the 1998 exam!

Student Resources -Click for Google Drive 
(Using LoggerPro & Excel)

Full LoggerPro Download for Windows (Password: experiment)
Full LoggerPro Download for Mac OS X (Password: experiment)

Links to Interesting Physics Sites
The Books of Craig Fletcher -These are good online physics texts, that include practice problems and complete solutions.
Saturday Morning Physics at Fermilab -A free program for students like you!
Saturday Physics for Everyone at U of I -If visiting campus, why not take in a quick physics lecture?