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Welcome to first semester 2018!

   AP Physics: 
We are now working our way through the first half of the Rotation unit.  Final exams are next week, and the material that we cover in class will be on the final.  I think that the Viren review videos at the end of each section would be very good for helping you to prepare, as well as Fletcher's online conceptual questions.  

    Honors Physics:  
We have just finished the Accelerated Motion Unit.  We are now looking at the cause of accelerated motion, Unbalanced Forces.  We will get about halfway through this unit before the final exam next week.  The material that we cover in class will be on the final.  There is a Final Exam Review posted below.  Other materials that will be useful for review:  
     1)  Your Assessment Marking Sheets -You took notes on these when we marked assessments.  These provide a listing of the main topics of each unit, and have your notes to yourself about what gave you trouble on the assessments for each of the topics.  
     2)  Unit Review Questions -in the Google Drive linked below, you will find a review problem set for each unit, with worked out solutions.  These will give you fresh problems to try while you review. (However, if you look at the Unit 4 Review, disregard problems 12-20, since these deal with a type of friction calculation that we haven't discussed...yet.  We'll do that in January!)
     3)  ...And, of course, previous problem sets and class notes.

Honors Physics -Click for Google Drive
Course Schedule 18-19 -Check for Readings, HW, etc.  Make sure that you look at the correct tab on the bottom: Sieh Honors Physics.
Old Course Schedule 17-18 -A useful site with nice explanations of physics concepts and introductory calculations
Final Exam Review -Review Guide and Solutions
Honors Physics Grading Policy -Sadly, grades must be assigned.
AP Physics -Click for Google Drive
Course Schedule 18-19 -Check for Readings, HW, etc.  Make sure that you look at the correct tab on the bottom: Sieh AP Physics.
Old Course Schedule -(From last year)
Old, Old Course Schedule -(From 2016-2017) 
Course Objectives -a summary of what you should learn in this course
Viren's Videos -Videos for AP Physics.  Very helpful explanations!
The Books of Craig Fletcher -Your textbook & conceptual manual.
AP Central -College Board's site.  Get practice FR's here.
Practice MC Problems -Mechanics -Arranged by topic!
Practice MC Problems -E&M -Arranged by topic!
Mechanical Universe -Venerable physics videos from CalTech.
1998 Exam -for final exam practice!  Mech starts on page 125 for MC, pg 153 for FR.  E&M starts on page 137 for MC, pg 163 for FR.  Answers start on pg 167.
1998 Exam Complete Solutions  -after you've done the 1998 exam!

Student Resources -Click for Google Drive 
(Using LoggerPro & Excel)

Full LoggerPro Download for Windows (Password: experiment)
Full LoggerPro Download for Mac OS X (Password: experiment)

Links to Interesting Physics Sites
The Books of Craig Fletcher -These are good online physics texts, that include practice problems and complete solutions.
Saturday Morning Physics at Fermilab -A free program for students like you!
Saturday Physics for Everyone at U of I -If visiting campus, why not take in a quick physics lecture?
Colorado Phet -Simulations of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics phenomena.