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Welcome to first semester 2018!

   AP Physics: Below you will find links to useful resources.  
    There will be regularly assigned readings from the text, Physics with Calculus by Craig Fletcher (the best AP Physics text that I have found).  Most of us will prefer to use the physical copy for reading, but the online version can still be helpful.  
    The Viren videos are really great.  They give really helpful tips and example problems.  In particular, the review problems are very helpful for preparing for tests.  Sometimes, Viren's pace may be a little slow.  It was suggested that Viren videos are actually best viewed at 2x speed on Youtube.  Since you can always pause or go back if you need to, watching the video this way is actually pretty good.  (Thanks, Cole Benvau!)  Videos are approximately ten minutes (less on 2x!)
    Another important resource is the link to the Mechanical Universe video series. I will occasionally show snippets of these because there is a particular visual that I want you to have in your minds, or because I want to show something in 3-D, or simply because I like the way that they presented it.  By providing you with the link, you can watch more of the episodes if you'd like. (Often, the episodes will go deeper into the history of how the physics was discovered, for example.)  Episodes are approximately 23 minutes.

    Honors Physics:  Below you will find useful resources.  First, there is the Honors Physics Google Drive, where you will find all of the handouts for the course.  Often I post review guides for tests with solutions there.  In addition to a link to the course schedule, you will find a link to, a site that has good tutorials on the majority of the topics for the course.  Further down the page there are tutorials for some of the software that we will be using in the course, as well as links to other good physics sites.  You should check out Saturday Morning Physics at Fermilab.  The application deadline is Sept. 14th.  

Honors Physics -Click for Google Drive
Course Schedule 18-19 -Check for Readings, HW, etc.  Make sure that you look at the correct tab on the bottom: Sieh Honors Physics.
Old Course Schedule 17-18 -A useful site with nice explanations of physics concepts and introductory calculations
Final Exam Review -Review Guide and Solutions
Honors Physics Grading Policy -Sadly, grades must be assigned.
AP Physics -Click for Google Drive
Course Schedule 18-19 -Check for Readings, HW, etc.  Make sure that you look at the correct tab on the bottom: Sieh AP Physics.
Old Course Schedule -(From last year)
Old, Old Course Schedule -(From 2016-2017) 
Course Objectives -a summary of what you should learn in this course
Viren's Videos -Videos for AP Physics.  Very helpful explanations!
The Books of Craig Fletcher -Your textbook & conceptual manual.
AP Central -College Board's site.  Get practice FR's here.
Practice MC Problems -Mechanics -Arranged by topic!
Practice MC Problems -E&M -Arranged by topic!
Mechanical Universe -Venerable physics videos from CalTech.
1998 Exam -for final exam practice!  Mech starts on page 125 for MC, pg 153 for FR.  E&M starts on page 137 for MC, pg 163 for FR.  Answers start on pg 167.
1998 Exam Complete Solutions  -after you've done the 1998 exam!

Student Resources -Click for Google Drive 
(Using LoggerPro & Excel)

Full LoggerPro Download for Windows (Password: experiment)
Full LoggerPro Download for Mac OS X (Password: experiment)

Links to Interesting Physics Sites
The Books of Craig Fletcher -These are good online physics texts, that include practice problems and complete solutions.
Saturday Morning Physics at Fermilab -A free program for students like you!
Saturday Physics for Everyone at U of I -If visiting campus, why not take in a quick physics lecture?
Colorado Phet -Simulations of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics phenomena.